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What "Long Clubs" Do You Have in Your Bag?

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My driver is a Titleist 913D3, and beyond that my two longest clubs are the matching 4-wood, 17 degree standard bumped down to 16.25 degrees.  And then a 4i.   

I used to have the 3-wood in the bag that matches the woods, but the 4-wood has a smaller head which I prefer hitting off the ground.   When it's wet/rainy conditions I swap in a hybrid and take out a 64 degree wedge that I carry for firmer conditions.   That makes the hybrid the second longest after the 4-wood.  



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Slow swing speed here, so lots of headcovers:

Driver - 10.5*

5W - 18*

9W - 23*

6H (5i replacement) - 27*

7H (6i replacement) - 30*

The gapping from 5W to 7H is about 10 yards per club, so it works well for me.

  • Clubs: Ping, Callaway, Edel, True Linkswear
  • Other: Snell MTB Black (Optic Yellow); Callaway ORG 7 bag;  Shot Scope V3
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15 hours ago, mdl said:

Currently I'm only playing 13 clubs! My longest clubs are:

  • Dr (9.5˚)
  • 2i (17˚)
  • 4i (23˚)


I used to play Dr, 3w (15˚), and 2h (19˚). But I hated my 3w so basically had a gap from ~225 yards to 310 yards. And had no reasonable alternate tee club for short to medium par 4s when I wasn't feeling the driver or the hole was tight. Hence the 2i. I absolutely love that club. Obviously this isn't awesome gapping, but I really want to keep the 2i in the bag and I'm not sure where that leaves me. I can hit my 4i 220 yards, and there aren't that many times on the course where I need to be able to hit a high shot 235 (as in, not a punch runner with the 2i). And I never need to hit a shot 270. So I haven't felt super urgent about fixing it.


Do you count your giant balls as an extra club? Lol jk, nice distances sheeesh 🙂

Colin P.

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I have:

  • Driver (11 degrees)
  • Weak 3 wood (raised the loft 2 degrees from standard)
  • 3 hybrid
  • 4 iron

I also have a 3 iron that I sometimes swap in for the 3 hybrid. Most of the time, though, the 3 hybrid stays in the bag. It's much more consistent and versatile than the 3 iron. I can only really use the 3 iron off the tee or in the fairway. The plus with the 3 iron is that I can hit it lower than the hybrid, so I'll swap it in if it's really windy or something. I love the feeling of a good 3 iron shot, though, so I can't quite give up the 3 iron.

-- Daniel

In my bag: :callaway: Big Bertha V Series (11 degrees) :callaway: Epic Flash 3.5W (16 degrees)

:callaway: Rogue Pro 3-PW :edel: SMS Wedges - V-Grind (48, 54, 58):edel: Putter

 :snell: MTB-X :aimpoint:

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18 hours ago, Wade Patton said:

Three wood and 2-iron are the longest two in my bag besides Driver.

I like a 4-wood as well, but simply don't have one right now.

So I bought a matching 4-wood today. 

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  • 4 weeks later...

98% of the time I have driver lofted down to 8.5 or 9° a 15° 3 wood, a 17.5° Adams XTD ti super hybrid into a 23° 4 hybrid. I've built the bag this way because it fits what I need and it allows me to have a good wedge setup at the bottom of the bag. I bought the super hybrid for one hole in particular on my home course and it's my favorite club to hit. I do have a gap between the super hybrid and the 4 hybrid, but it's a distance that rarely ever comes up for me.

Now I did buy a 16° driving hybrid to swap out with the 3 wood for days when it's really windy and when I was trying it out it seemed to serve it's purpose, but now that it's in the backup bag, it usually just stays there. We haven't had any super windy days lately anyways, so that helps, but I generally don't plan that much anyways lol.

  • D-SIM MAX D Diamana pd 50 reg 9°
  • 3w-Honma tw-xp1 15°
  • "5w"-Adams XTD ti super hybrid 17°
  • 4-5h-Adams Speedline plus
  • 6-AW- Cleveland launcher xl Nippon Zelos 7
  • 56°-Cleveland CBX Zipcore
  • 60°-Warrior custom golf
  • P-Odyssey eleven tour lined slant neck
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On 8/8/2022 at 6:33 PM, Wade Patton said:

Three wood and 2-iron are the longest two in my bag besides Driver.

I like a 4-wood as well, but simply don't have one right now.

I failed to answer the "why" part of the question.  How did I come to prefer these clubs? Very simple really, and probably not what you're interested in.  But I'm from the old days before hybrids (and digital tech), so we had woods (wooden at first), fairway woods, and irons. I learned to hit fairway woods and the longest irons back then. I have lots of good memories of excellent 2,3,4 iron shots as well as 3 and 4 wood shots. Used to carry a 1-iron* too, and when I upgraded to "Pittsburgh Persimmon" I started hitting my driver off tight lies in the fairway. My pop carried a 5 and 7 wood BITD.  I've never swung a hybrid. I like what I've got, I might get a 5 wood but I doubt it. I've got no interest in a hybrid.  I'm not "locked in" to this and that club yardages because I honestly have to guess at it and make the shot work.

I just got a rangefinder so I can accurately measure my shots now. But rare are the dead-level, no wind, flat lie shots that serve those "numbers" perfectly, it's always a mix of those factors plus the shot shape desired or dictated by conditions. I'm way behind on all this tech stuff, but I can squeeze out some nice shots despite such "ignorance".

*Hitting a one-iron every now and then makes 2 and 3-iron shots seem SO MUCH easier! 😁

Edited by Wade Patton

This ain't no Party, this ain't no Disco...

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Driver - Sim Max - set at 11.25 deg.

5W - 18.5

7W - 20 

22 - hybrid

26 - hybrid

This seems to work well. Ironically, the 7W doesn't go as far as the 22 but sits in between the 26 and 22 probably due to the hybrid being lower spin. The 5W is about 10 yds longer than the 22. 


:callaway:  :cobra:    :seemore:  :bushnell:  :clicgear:  :adidas:  :footjoy:


Driver: Callaway Big Bertha w/ Fubuki Z50 R 44.5"
FW: Cobra BiO CELL 14.5 degree; 
Hybrids: Cobra BiO CELL 22.5 degree Project X R-flex
Irons: Cobra BiO CELL 5 - GW Project X R-Flex
Wedges: Cobra BiO CELL SW, Fly-Z LW, 64* Callaway PM Grind.
Putter: 48" Odyssey Dart

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3-wood, 7-wood (It says 5HL but I call it a 7-wood). Gapping for one was the main reason. Two I just don’t have enough need for a 3-hybrid to justify carrying one.

What's in Shane's Bag?     

Ball: 2021 :srixon: Z-Star XV

Driver: :srixon:: ZX7  3W: ZX 7W: :tmade: SLDR

I (4-AW): :srixon: ZX7 54°, 58°, 62°: :cleveland: RTX Zipcore

Putter: Meridian Charleston with my daughters names on the rear bumpers.

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I am in season #12 of using 4W + 7W. (Season three with Rogues).

And I have a 4H. It goes almost as far as the 7W, but 7W goes higher.

My prior iron set had a 22* 4i - refit with hybrid shaft - which I used as a driving iron. My current MAX set has a 23.5* 5i that goes almost as far as the old 4i, and I can hit 5i off the deck.

My MAX irons have graphite shafts, so it's easier to swing on tempo.

Focus, connect and follow through!

  • Completed KBS Education Seminar (online, 2015)
  • GolfWorks Clubmaking AcademyFitting, Assembly & Repair School (2012)

Driver:  :touredge: EXS 10.5°, weights neutral   ||  FWs:  :callaway: Rogue 4W + 7W
Hybrid:  :callaway: Big Bertha OS 4H at 22°  ||  Irons:  :callaway: Mavrik MAX 5i-PW
Wedges:  :callaway: MD3: 48°, 54°... MD4: 58° ||  Putter:image.png.b6c3447dddf0df25e482bf21abf775ae.pngInertial NM SL-583F, 34"  
Ball:  image.png.f0ca9194546a61407ba38502672e5ecf.png QStar Tour - Divide  ||  Bag: :sunmountain: Three 5 stand bag

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Driver 10.5, 3 wood, 5 wood, 3 Hybrid, 5 Hybrid and 6 iron.

The 3w and 5w are pretty close but the 5w I hit off the fairway better than the 3w.

The 3H is a gap filler that I don't hit very often. I swapped out the 5i for the 5H earlier this year. Was having trouble getting the 5i to stop on the green. No problem with the 5H. Love it.

The 2H is my 3H just never changed it in Arccos.


Jim Morgan

Driver: :callaway: GBB Epic Flash 10.5 deg Stiff
Woods: 3W :callaway: Epic Flash 15 deg, Heavenwood:callaway:GBB 20 deg
4 Hybrid: :callaway:  Epic Flash 21 deg, 5 Hybird: :callaway: Apex 24 deg
Irons: :ping: G425 Graphite 6-SW, Wedges: :ping: Glide 58 deg
Putter: :bettinardi: Armlock  :aimpoint: Express
:gamegolf: - http://www.gamegolf.com/player/coachjimsc  ARCCOS
 :titleist: golf bag, Blue Tees RF

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9.5* Driver, 17* 2H and 22* 4H followed by a 6 iron.

What I have learnt is that loft is your friend.  I rarely catch the 2H clean and usually it goes less or the same distance as my 4H.  Only on tee shots and perfect fairway shots is it a better club for me.  Unless you practice regularly don't keep too many long clubs in your bag

What's in the bag

  • Taylor Made r5 dual Draw 9.5* (stiff)
  • Taylor Made Rescue 2H (stiff)
  • Cobra Baffler 4H (stiff)
  • Taylor Made RAC OS 6-9,P,S (regular)
  • Golden Bear LD5.0 60* (regular)
  • Aidia Z-009 Putter
  • Inesis Soft 500 golf ball
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  • iacas changed the title to What "Long Clubs" Do You Have in Your Bag?

Driver, 3W, 5W, 3i, 4i, I'll swap out the irons for a 4H depending on course and conditions. My 3i is mostly used on one long par 3, and sometimes on a tight par 4 so I don't roll into the woods. I prefer irons over hybrids as they seem to me to have better dispersion.  But hybrids seem better out of the weeds/rough.


Driver: TM Sim2 9* Ventus Black, M5 9* Kuro Kage
Fwy: TM SLDR 3W, 5W;    Hybrid: TM M1 4 Hybrid
Irons: TM Tour Preferred MC 2014
Wedges: TM Tour Preferred, 52 @ 51*, 56
Putter: Ping Scottsdale TR Anser 2 or Odyssey Rossie

It isn't the hours that you put in at practice that count. It's the way you spend those minutes. -- tony lema

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    • I played my second round of 18 holes in over six years today. The other time was in November 2018 when I was in severe pain. I shot I think 91 that day? Anyway, it's not a day I want to remember frankly. Today on the other hand, is. I shot an 85 at a course I've never played before despite hitting five balls OB off the tee with driver. We played the white tees which are 69.6, 125. The course is part of PGA National and is named the Estate.  I got up and down over and over and over again all day, at an unsustainable rate frankly. I was getting up and down from really brutal spots too, but that just goes to show how terrible my full swing is. Oh well. I'm trying my best.   I hit a couple drivers before teeing off and here's what I'm packing if anyone was interested in seeing. Like I said, I hit five shots off the tee OB, including from the first tee, which is always fun doing in front of a bunch of strangers who will never see you again.  Anyway, I'm pretty excited I managed to shoot 85 in spite of getting zero favors from my full swing. I was hitting my driver only 220 most of the day. I hit 2 or 3 about 250, but most were around 220. My worst ones went like 200ish. Pretty brutal. All my OB shots were short pushes that flew maybe 200 yards before disappearing into the void forever. Anyway, it's a start. I've done so much rehab, needle work, and exercise these last 4-5 months (and really the last 1.5 years). My body felt pretty amazing out there. Very very little pain. This is a wonderful thing, and I do not take that for granted. I worked so damn hard to get back here. This was golf day no.17 for me since returning June 14th, and I have now played 54 holes total in that span. So I want to remind myself just how little golf I've actually played and that being terrible at the game is pretty much what I should expect at this point. 85 in that light should probably be considered good I guess. On a side note, I think this was my dad's and his friends' first time ever watching somebody play by the rules of golf or something. They were shocked how I refused to mulligan it up with them. I think maybe they learned something about the game from me today in that regard, in a good way.  85 at an unknown course with five OB tee balls. Fingers crossed I can clean that up soon. Otherwise, it really is amazing to be back finally.  Heard this one on the ride home and I think I'll probably always associate this song with today.  Cheers, guys. Thanks for reading. 🙂
    • My goodness, now I understand the comments on my swing back then… oof. Makes me wonder what I’ll say about my swing today in 5yrs.  What I remember was that I was -5 when you conceded. 😉 I’m trying to stay positive. I was definitely bummed on the overall loss.  But it was a great experience! Maybe Bandon Dunes for the next one?!?!
    • Day 22- random iron practice and some block practice with the driver (which is a strength of my game).  Finished with short game practice chips and putts to mimic real play. Great session for me!
    • I can't play alone anymore. I used to,  but now I feel that alone rounds are by definition practice rounds, and I think my practice time is better used on the range, or practice green, etc.  I have lost interest in just  social rounds, with nothing riding on it. Ditto for getting paired up with random folks, no patience for it.  I might feel different if I could treat  round as truly a practice round, and throw out extra balls, or take multiple shots from the bunker, or tricky lies, or short sided lob practice (or whatnot).  Courses are busy these days with little time between groups so practice is not practical. Plus I can't record solo rounds for HCP purposes, so grinding out  great score is moot, or the alternative also, I suppose.  I honestly don't know, do really skilled golfers play solo rounds? Honest question, is that the path to better golf?  If it is, I need to adjust myself so I can do what it takes. I've read that when tour pros play practice rounds, they do it in groups and have $$ riding on it, true?
    • I think it's being overlooked that If lateral relief isn't possible, there are two remaining options, back on the line as well as stroke and distance.
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