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Lookingfortruth's "Absurd" Rant ;-)

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So -----You post a reply without blocking me from seeing it... While at the same time blocking a response... What an ego….

What a coward!

Time for some serious talking…….

Absurd!.. I’m absurd.. Do you hear yourself?….do you realise what you are saying?. I’m absurd.

First did you properly understand the quote? Or simple deduce that Absurdum means Absurd not comprehending the full and proper meaning.

an argument which seeks to demonstrate that a statement is true by showing that a false, untenable, or absurd result follows from its denial

Got it yet?

… They and you may not like it but what I said was true the video was “A” typical of the image many have of Americans…Crass, loud , brash, rude, arrogant BRAINLESS etc. True or not that’s your image.

Remember Brookline? good example…did you notice the three youths at the Ryder Cup.. Naked from the waste up with US flags painted on their chests. Another good real life example….Not to mention the miss it calls..Very nice!

So when I pointed out the truth………This from memory is what we got in response…

“Go hang yourself“ ….“Challenges to my grammar and spelling” The fact that we spell the correct way I might add.. ( not dubbed down for the idiots of America way )… escaping the writers attention.. “Conveniently“… …and the best of all… The guy who gives a long list of countries he has been welcomed in while stating it was like I had a kick me sign when I went to Scotland.. Ho Hum the Muppet NEVER was in Scotland... Big body small brain all of them I bet….I make a statement they know they can’t defend so they go off message….Yes!

In the interests of balance one chap did have the common sense to compare us to old Tom Morris... At lease he made an effort at a tongue in cheek retort.. What he obviously missed, was that Tom Morris and his kind were gentlemen with manners and etiquette. Get the point yet?

Demonstrate to me please. “I dare you“. Where I “started” any of the above individual responses with an absurdity.

And finally.....

I see you claim to be a Pro…. Is that a club pro who makes a living selling Mars bars and fizzy drinks? ..Or a range Pro. Who wastes his Sundays weeping as he tries to teach a bunch of 20+ handicappers with swings like an octopus playing the Bagpipes. How they might get the club back to the ball two times in a row….

I post a goodbye and here we are with you still trying to be offensive and determined to have last word.

That your thing is it? …I must have the last word….. Did you truly understand the Latin.. I mean all of it?

God save America “””from its own people”””

One last point what about the guy who said why did I mention Syria…Come on, even you have to admit that’s a humdinger. ( In case you didn’t notice I never mentioned Syria at any time. )

Enjoy your golf.

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Sign up (or log in) today! It's free (and you won't see this ad anymore)!

epic nonsensical rant - feel better ?      Must be nice to have that kind of time to blather on like that.    Reading back through your posts, I now understand why my ancestors left Scotland ...

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Where can I go back to read the original thread please?  I'd like to read it from the beginning so that I can make an informed opinion about the subject matter.  Thanks

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Firstly…I have time to do this because it’s raining and very windy outside so Sunday Medal has been cancelled…. Also I like to annoy the feeble of mind as they try everything to avoid the issue in question.

Instead of constantly trying to shoot the messenger… Try developing a cogent defence of the statement I made. That the Video. Golf Stereotypes which one are you…Represents to most a stereotypical image of Americans. Answer that!… It may be true it may be false.. but that was the original statement by me. That everyone has failed to respond to.

I.T.H.. Note: You cannot rant with the written word…It is an oral expression….Nice avatar and nom de plume…probably sums you up.. and someone called me a paedophile. Yes on a golf Forum talking golf someone called me a Paedophile. Only in America. No comment then on the posts of your countrymen? Once again no cogent argument so a selective pointless reply…Maybe were glad your ancestors left Scotland...You see how that kind of ststement can be trurned against you. Your IQ  lower than your Handicap? Yes!

MizunoPez. Of course you haven’t it was not address to you…Why didn’t you just ignore it?

ABU3. go to "Golf Stereotypes which one are you"…

Enjoy your golf.

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Lookingfortruth, we have only one real rule here: act like an adult.

In other words, don't be an ass, don't be a jerk, don't attack other people, etc.

You were an ass. A jerk. You attacked others. You failed to act like an adult.

So you were restricted from the thread.

And now you're in the penalty box.

P.S. I know what Latin phrases mean. Thank you.

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What brought it on was a new member from Scotland (aka the OP) going to DEFCON 5 and hurling epic insults at Americans on an American Golf forum.  He highjacked a funny thread after someone responded to his half sarcastic statement stating that Euros think of Americans as the Golf Stereotypes.  People, including me, responded with humor.  Instead of staying funny, he began the insults and flame war that he now acts the victim of.  He then played the "I'm rich and drive a Mercedes" line, which was truly juvenile.  Unfortunately, one of our long time members got caught up in this Junior High rant fest, which I am sure he regrets.

I have traveled all over the world and met many wonderful people from just about everywhere.  There are also jerks everywhere, but thankfully they are the minority.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

[=2][/][quote name="cipher" url="/t/6998lookingfortruths-absurd-rant#post_897539"]"Crass, loud , brash, rude, arrogant BRAINLS etc."...goes on rant and has photo standing by a Benz...who are we talking about again?[/quote] It's probably a rental.... :-)

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Where can I go back to read the original thread please?  I'd like to read it from the beginning so that I can make an informed opinion about the subject matter.  Thanks

The guy tossed the initial salvo by calling Americans "muppets" (which apparently is a huge insult in Scotland?).  One guy responded in kind (way over the top), and he (Truth guy) started ranting and raving and carrying on, pointing the finger at anybody and refusing to accept responsibility for his own actions.  And then he starts this thread.

Makes me wonder if he's one of those guys that comes home from work talking about how everybody in his office workplace is insane, whereas everybody he works with goes home talking about the one guy in their office that's insane?

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    • Here's what happened and why I ask the question. I have a brother-in-law same age as me (68) with no hobbies what so ever. He's a stock & bond broker with no outside interests at all. He doesn't collect stamps, he's not a wood worker, he doesn't play tennis, he doesn't do anything but work, work, work. He won't even sit down and read a book. (He claims he doesn't have the patience.) He has no interests other than the stock and bond markets and he's incapable of relaxing. He's also very, very uncoordinated, but nevertheless, a very nice guy. Golf would not be a good thing for him. He has come to me several times over the years and said, "I don't know how I'm ever going to retire because I won't know what do do with myself. Maybe I'll take up golf! You'll teach me!" And I said, "I will not teach you, I can't teach you because I'm not an instructor. You'll need to buy a set of real clubs, not the couple of old irons you have in your garage, and take lessons from a teaching pro." I did play golf with him once, maybe 10 or 15 years ago. He had a couple of mismatched irons, one ancient 3 wood with loose whipping and a putter all from, I'm pretty sure, from the Salvation Army store and he insisted on teeing up every shot, even ones from the fairway. If I say he shot somewhere between 140 and 160 (not counting the whiffs) I'm being charitable. We walked the 18 holes that day and it nearly killed him. When we were done he was totally drained and I actually thought he was going to have a heart attack. I also said to him, "You've managed to live 60 some years without golf, why start now? It will only frustrate you and drive you crazy." Then I jokingly, said to him, "It's too late for me...I'm hooked, but I can save you!" He mentioned it to me again recently so, in the interests of "growing the game" do I encourage him to buy clubs and take lessons or should I continue to try suggesting other things for him to do? (He does have a mammoth wine collection.). I really want to discourage him because knowing him like I do, golf will not make him happy. Also, selfishly, I don't want to play with hm again. That round 15 years ago took over 6 hours to play and there were many groups stacked up behind us cursing and yelling and we were being hounded by the rangers. It was awful.      
    • My first question is . Did you do all three exercises and how did you do ? This is meant as a fun test to see how ones' balance and core is. It is not meant to build anything. There are many exercises that progressively work up to addressing the entire body that help one hit the ball better, but that is not what this is all about. Thanks for your input. 
    • Thanks Lihu..I dont hate it, I just dont have fun playing ...so the interest isnt there any longer...I am still a golf fan..just not a player..
    • Hello everyone. I’m brand new (about a month) to golf, and I’ve been lurking here for a few weeks. I figured it was about time to join!    I look forward to getting to know y’all!
    • I have a distant cousin who tried it and even forced me to go to the driving range a few times long before I was into playing. I found it stupid and not worth my time, but did it just to keep him company. He never got the hang of it, quit then 6 years later my kids got into it and my archery range virtually shut down so I started playing golf with them. My cousin hates it just like you, and I started out thinking this is the dumbest activity ever made but now enjoy it. You never know what’s in your future, just take a break from it. We’ll be here, or, at least some of us.
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