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The TST Member Tournament Play Thread

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Just won my first tournament ever! It was called The Players Tournament and was with the Central Ohio Golf Club. Shot a gross 78, net 68 (-4) to win by 3 shots.  Putter was hot today, only 2

First tournament of the year today - SCGA Mid-Am qualifier. I have improved a bit (a small bit) since last year, but I'm still not expecting a lot out of these because I recognize I'm still one o

Played in a member-guest with my father-in-law yesterday.  Didn't really expect much since I have never played all that well at his course and his game seems to be on a perpetual downward slide.  But

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On 6/17/2018 at 10:12 AM, jsgolfer said:

Played in my friends Member Guest, at Country Club of Fairfax, over the last 3 days.  We didn’t finish last in the flight, middle of the pack of 8 teams.  Greens were US Open ish, several holes you could putt off the green if you were in the wrong spot.  Scrapped it around OK, started really bad each day and then played well later in the day.  But my buddy may be the worst putter I’ve ever played with.  He four putted twice in 9 holes where he had to 3 putt to tie the hole.  I needed to video tape him so @iacas could use him for the this is how to not putt.  He forward presses, then lifts up his putter as he goes back and then accelerates through the ball, even on the down hill putts.  If he could putt, we probably would’ve won our flight because he hit the ball pretty well.

But it was fun and he’s a great guy, but whew can he not putt.  I tried to give him a lesson and he just couldn’t do it.  

Hopefully my partner for my member guest which starts this week will putt a hair better.  :beer:

You need to pick a partner that can putt. Ahem..cough..cough.

Edit: sorry just realized.. YOU were the guest.. ha ha

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On 8/14/2018 at 10:29 AM, Zekez said:

First round of my league playoffs.  Round of 16.  Match play.  Singles.

I play the regular season champ who is the best golfer in the league so it will be a challenge. I will get a stroke on 3 holes.

The problem with him is that he is way too serious for this type of league.  He is no fun to play against.  Gets pissed and throws a club now and then.  



I won the match 2 UP (5.5 points to 3.5 points).  Next round I play the other low handicapper in the league so I will again be getting a stroke on 3 holes.

And true to form he threw clubs  on a few holes,  which probably helped me out as I believe getting that angry never helps ones game.


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Signed up for my first ever club championship.  Starts tomorrow morning; 2-day, 36-hole stroke play.  I've been considering signing up for them many times in the past, but always came up with an excuse.  Very much looking forward to it, as I've been hitting the ball very well, and enjoy playing with others (including strangers).

My problem has been some truly awful putting.  I've almost completely neglected practicing my putting all year, gotten wonky and mechanical, and feel paralyzed over the ball as nothing looks or feels right.  To prep for the tournament, I've been keeping my range sessions short--just enough to keep the swing grooved w/no bad habits creeping in--and working on my putting, from setup, to stroke.  I've settled on a stroke that I think will get me through the tournament, then it's off to see my pro.

My goals for the tournament are pretty simple:

  • On that first tee, hit the ball...with the face of the club, in the air, generally forward. ;-)  It will all be easier from there.
  • Focus and play in a competitive mindset, but absolutely no 'psych-out' allowed
  • Have fun and meet some people! 
  • Enjoy it so much that I come off the course ready to sign up for the next event!
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On 8/17/2018 at 9:03 AM, BamaWade said:

Signed up for my first ever club championship.

Welp...played un-great, but made it through.  Honestly, didn't feel nervous at any point.  I thought I would, so did the slow, deep breaths thing leading up to the first tee (and sometimes between shots).  I guess that did the trick.  In fact, my opening tee shot was a laser down the middle on day-1, then a slight pull (but solid) just into the left rough on day-2.  My putting was much improved; I had worked a lot on it the night before.

On day 1, my wedge game (usually a strength) was half my undoing.  My chipping was the other bad half.  Put up a couple of big numbers.  Had a fellow competitor play my ball on 17.  I felt bad about it, but he'd gotten there before me and didn't check the markings on the ball.  Made his par a double.

On day 2, my score was lower, but my swing was just never dialed in and it was a grind.  I couldn't get off the bogey train.  I'd pick up a par or two, then offset them with a couple of doubles.  My group was 3 older players who played very fast, and I struggled the first few holes with adapting.  I don't waste any time, either, but I'd be walking up to mark my ball, etc., and they'd be hitting!  Spooked me, but I adapted.

A rules aside:  on a par 3 (day-2 group), I hit a ~40' putt to an inch and one of them popped it back to me, saying with a smile, "I don't care, we're giving that one to you!".  I let it be (happened to another in the group a few holes later).  We were mostly out of contention in the net flight, and I figured it'd only ruffle feathers if I called a 'playing wrong ball' penalty on him in the situation, when he was just being nice.

Overall it was a nice experience.  Both days all guys in my group were great guys.  It was a good thing for me to jump out of my comfort zone and play competitively; I plan on doing it every chance I get from here on.

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30 minutes ago, BamaWade said:

We were mostly out of contention in the net flight, and I figured it'd only ruffle feathers if I called a 'playing wrong ball' penalty on him in the situation, when he was just being nice.

Some of the old boys tend to do that at my home courses as well, only its often a lot more than an inch. It gets a bit silly at times with three footers getting knocked back without a thought in the world. My cross to bear unless I finally get good enough to play up a flight.

Glad you enjoyed yourself.

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Played in the Greatest Golfer of the Valley tournament for the first time this past Friday and Saturday. It's run by the local newspaper and is a 54 hole tourney with a cut after 36.

Unfortunately I did not make the cut, but I had a really good time. Also, I got to play Youngstown CC (seriously private, old money WASP club) which was built in 1911 and redesigned by Donald Ross in 1924. It's classic Ross. Though the greens are well bunkered I don't remember a forced carry over one. Ross always gives you room to run the ball onto the green, a technique I had to employ a few times. 

But it was the greens that just ate my lunch! Like glass. Had a birdie attempt on one hole that I knocked right off the green! If you were above the hole you were pretty much dead meat on a stick!

Still, I enjoyed myself immensely, golfed with some great guys, and will sign up again next year.

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Played in my club championships last weekend. My game was solid and I managed to grind out scores on every round. I shot 78-79-77 and finished fourth. Really happy with my play, didn't get in to too much trouble and mostly made sensible decisions on the course.

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Won my round of 8 match last night in my league.

9 hole match play.  I won 4 UP.  Played probably my best 6 hole stretch in years, as I was even after those 6 holes.

On to the semi's next Wednesday.

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Zimmerman Young Memorial Scholarship Tournament, Kittyhawk GC, Eagle Course

2nd place, -10

This is an ABCD scramble that raises funds for scholarships. My side finished 1 stroke behind the winners.

We had the A player of all A players, Kittyhawk club champion Paul Day. I'd never played with Paul before and it was impressive to say the least. He's a bona fide 300-yard-plus driver. It was a real pleasure just watching the guy hit the snot out of those balls. The one that sticks out came on No. 15, a 570-yard par 5. There, I had actually hit a decent drive 240 yards or so and Paul had put his in a sand trap 60-yards up. The B and C guys both went sideways, so we got one of my two required drives out of the way. We had to be 330 yards from the green and Paul smokes a fairway wood to 15 yards of the green. Never seen anything like that in person.

For my part, I added at least as much as the B and C guys. My drives were not a detriment to us. We used a handful of my approach shots and, being the D player and going first, I made a bunch of our shorter putts. The one bit that I think about however, was two long putts that I read correctly and left short. They were headed right into the middle of the jar and just stopped. Either one would have been the stroke we needed to force a playoff.

It was a fun day.





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Finished 2nd in gross and net in our Club Championship this weekend. 78-81. I was T3 gross and T1 net after the first day. The second day was a real struggle at first. I was +9 on the front, but the course was playing really tough. I gutted out a +1 on the back for an 81. I ended up shooting the 3rd lowest gross score on day 2, which shows how tough the course was playing. In the end, I lost the gross by 5 strokes and the net 1 by stroke - the same person was 1st in gross and net. He shot 76-78 to win.

It was pretty cool to play that well and show that I can compete at that level after bombing out of the club championship the on day 1 the past 2 years. Also, coming back from the +9 to shoot +1 on the back was great. I told myself to mentally reset and do well on the back 9 to give myself a chance for placing.

(Our lowest handicap at my men's club is around a 3, so that's why the scores were so high for a club championship)

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Well folks, I'm playing in the Ithaca City Golf Championship at Newman Golf Course. I played terrible in the qualifying round last Saturday. So I'm in the third flight of the match play portion.

I won my match on Sunday the 26th, 4 and 3 over the #2 seed (I'm the #7 seed). 

Today, I won my match over the #6 seed... 7 and 6...

I play the #1 seed for the Flight Championship tomorrow morning. Wish me luck.

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Kind of a "meh" end to my tournament year.  We have a 3-day tournament in northern Michigan at the end of the tournament season.  This year we played A-Ga-Ming Sundance/Belvedere/Sundance. 

Weather was a huge issue.  It rained every day and we had severe thunderstorms each night.  The courses were pretty saturated by the end.  Day 1 was played down.  Day 2 was lift/clean/place in own fairway.  Day 3 was try to find a place without standing water, no nearer the hole.  Despite running only around 6,150 yards, the courses played very long.

My 80/80/84 effort was only good enough for 5th gross (Super Senior flight - 65+) and 4th net.

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I'll be playing in my first tournament tomorrow. It is a fun tourney, 3 man scramble with an over sized cup. This is my first year really playing golf, I am a high handicap so I figured this would be a good tournament to play in. I am looking forward to it even though it's not a typical golf tournament, for my skill level it's an exciting way to still get out and compete in something.

The tournament has some rules I found to be neat, you have to use each team members drive at least 3 times during the tournament. They have 4 handicap brackets. The way they determine your handicap is after you complete your round and turn in your card they roll some dice, the number they roll determines what hole they use to start calculating your handicap. This way you don't know what holes will be used to determine your handicap beforehand.

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First day of our two day club championship.

39/41.  T-16 of 42 seniors. Meh...   We got into a couple of rain delays on the back that really took me out of sorts.

Need to really pick it up tomorrow…

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Day 2.  40/38.  Finished solo 11th of 42.

3 doubles and 2 birdies over the 2 rounds.  Not great, but not horrible either.  

Pleased that I didn’t miss a putt under 4 feet over the 2 rounds.  I’m usually capable of missing a short putt with more regularity than I would like... :8)

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Played a mid-am this weekend at Pingüinos Country Club (never played the course). 75/76= 151(+7), Par 72, 6800 yards, rating around 72. Dry course, in bad fairways and green conditions, 18°C and windy both days.
I finished tied for the 7th place. Winner at -4, 2nd at +2.
On the net category i finished tied for 2nd (3 handicap currently) 5 strokes behind the winner.

I was leading the scratch category after 9 holes with 2 under but made 2 triple bogeys on the back. 2 OB and 1 water. The first OB was on the 10th tee, OB left water rigth, hit it OB, bogey with the second ball. Bounce back with 2 birdies but after a bogey on 15th i hit the 2nd OB on 16th´s 2nd shot, OB left water rigth, hit it OB and after that hit it to the water... up and down from green side bunker for an 8 in that par 5 (580 yards, uphill and against the wind).
2nd day i played better and keep the ball in play with no OB or water, my putter cooled off so i just made 1 birdie.

Best finish so far in this mid am competitions, weird because i quit practicing a year ago. just went to the range 5 times this year and my handicap went up from +1 to 3.     

In 2 weeks i have the national mid-Am at Buenos Aires Golf, one of the best golf courses in the country. 54 holes stroke play with a cut after 36 holes.    

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    • 99% of the time when I'm playing my home club, I'm walking and carrying, so don't drink alcohol (too bothersome to walk with it).  But when I'm on vacation or on a golf trip/round with buds, we're almost always on carts, and I'll get a beer or two throughout the round at least half the time.  I don't order cocktails on the course, though...like to keep it light. I've never noticed it affecting me negatively, but I'm convinced it helps me from time to time.  When I'm not playing my best, it's usually my flaw of getting a little fast with my hands and out of tempo.  A beer or two seems to help slow me down.  In FL a few years ago, I was playing at a resort with my son and just kinda grinding through the round, but not scoring.  At the turn I got a couple of fairly light local summer brews to take along, then birdied 10, 11, and 13 (nearly an ace!).  Playing on HHI a couple of weeks ago I was in the same scenario--hitting it pretty decent but just grinding and not making birdies.  Tried the beer method.  Sadly, this time--no difference at all.    One thing I NEVER do anymore is drink caffeine before a round (no coffee if my round is morning or early afternoon, or just my morning coffee and nothing else if my round is late afternoon).  I can absolutely see its impact on my game--really struggling with rushing the hands and keeping a smooth tempo...full swing, putting, everything.  Heck, on caffeine, I notice I talk faster than normal (saying a lot), and am a little jumpy.  So if I'm gonna do drugs (the legal ones) before golf, it's gonna be the one that slows me down.  
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