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Best Shot of the Week


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Easily, this:


Hit a great drive to set this up, 275 right down the middle of the fairway. Then I hit my 4w to 12’. Started right at the middle of the green and drew five yards at most. Missed the eagle putt, but I’m never going to complain about a tap-in birdie.

Might be the best fairway wood shot I’ve ever hit.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hit my best shot on the last approach of the round to make an unlikely par from where my tee shot landed  

Off the tee I hit a slightly chunky, toed 4-iron that only traveled 135 yards and ended in the left rough, decent lie but on an upslope just enough to make stance/balance uncomfortable. Looking back on the round on ShotScope, and considering my current shot zones, I should have teed off with hybrid. I had about 235 yards, slight uphill shot to center of green, but it was setup with a front pin.

I flushed a hybrid that landed a few yards short and trundled onto the front of green. Almost made what would have been a very unlikely birdie, but walking off with par was quite a shot in the arm. 

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For me, this is going to be more like best hole this week. The hole in question is the par-5 third at Croasdaile, which is 550 yards from the blues.

I pulled my drive way left of the fairway, almost OB. I told my partner that I was going to hit a punch draw with a 7 iron, and I pulled it off. I was still 180 out and in the rough though, and with one of our opponents in good position to make birdie, and the fact that we were already down one, I needed par (I would get a stroke here).

I pulled a hybrid and nuked it. It finished 15 feet past the hole, and I two putted for par and we ended up tying the hole.

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Sugar Hill Golf Club - Hole 13 - Par 5 - Playing only 440 yards today.

Hit my drive shorter than I hoped, a little fadey and high into the wind, but it still was okay.  Had about 230 yards off of an upslope so I hit my 16 degree 3 wood.  Hit it pure, and it never left the flag.  First time hitting this green in two, and two putted for birdie.


On in Two.jpg

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This is it... a 270 drive.  Everything else was a hot mess, except for the blind 6 iron from near the 10th green to the first green.


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I had not played my "Home" course since April so today it was nice to be there.  The 5th hole is sort of a rollercoaster par 4.  Elevated tee, down a hill and back up and then down again and then back up to the green.  Landing spot #1 is 150-180 yards away from the green.  At 150 one has a downhill lie but not too bad.  The further back one lays up, the more flat the lie.  Or one can bust a drive and go to the bottom and have a wedge and somewhat blind second shot.  I tried the second choice and got caught at around 140 yards with a fairly decent downhill lie.  As I stood over the ball, I thought, "I wonder what the loft is of an 8 iron? Considering, the downhill nature of the shot, what is the effective loft?"

I expectd a low shot. I figured I was going to need to run it up.  I hit it solidly but almost a line drive.  The ball bounced in front and rolled past the hole by about 4 feet.  Close enough to make it, which I did.

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My approach shot on a par 4 ended up against a fence that is a boundary. I had to take an unplayable and took a drop that was about 30 yards from the pin. Pitched it in for an unlikely par. 

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Over the past week, I've played three rounds.  The most recent 47 holes have been "GIRP"s (Broadie's term), wherein I had putter in hand for my par attempt.  That's a pretty good streak.  

I had two good shots on Saturday, playing Balboa.  At the 419 yard par-4 sixth hole, I hit my second shot quite poorly and had 60-some yards, from the rough, to the pin (center of green).  I had to go over a bunker, so I opted for hitting a 54 degree shot -- I figured in good clean conditions, I hit this thing about 70 yards, so I'd likely get at least 60 yards from the rough to an elevated green, and I had some green between the pin and sand anyway, and plenty behind it.  I figured it would safely put on me on the green and a chance to two-putt.  I ended up with a tap-in par. :-) 

The other club selection I was debating was half PW, which in good conditions goes about 65.  

The next hole, a 374-yard par-4, I hit a poor tee shot (I was lined up poorly, ugh) and didn't even have a convenient "chip back to the fairway" option.  I did have an opening, though, to hit a punch 3-hybrid that, if it went straight was fine, and if it faded, would be on the green.  I hit it and it faded, and I had quite a long birdie putt ... which I two-putted.  Anyway, hitting the green with a 3H is a darn good shot anyway, even from a tee in calm conditions.

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