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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

My irons, wedges and 4W plays better than expected nowadays! Distances are dialed in and the ballflights are getting pretty consistent. Happy days! 

Putting. I need to put in a couple of hours hitting those 4-6 footers with more confidence (To many wasted opportunities there). My LAG-putting is good though and I see very few 3-putts. 

My driver-swing is totally off and I can't wait to finally get an hour with a Pro to work on that. Hopefully it's just a couple of small adjustments...  

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  • 3 weeks later...

I think the best thing about my golf game is that I'm not really bad at anything. I don't really excel at anything, but aside from occasional dips I don't have a terrible part of my game. 

A good example would be my chipping. It had been deteriorating a little bit at the end of last year and my first round out this year it was terrible. However because I had been okay at it before I know I can do it again, and I've take some time to work on it, and it seems like I may have figured something out. I just need to get back out again to see for certain.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I was swinging too fast and not finishing my backswing. The Pro said, "Let your backswing mature." That got through my thick skull. Good advice. 

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I am making real progress toward a more powerful, consistent swing.  When I keep focused and minimize my wrist and hand action from my swing, I am bombing the ball.  I have been hitting towering drives that have been finishing 270 to 300 yards away from where they started, and I am now hitting my irons two clubs farther than a buddy that I was two clubs shorter than.  I'm hitting my i210 five iron farther than he is hitting his TMB 716 3 iron.  When I avoid cranio-rectal insertion, I am hitting some really nice wedges into the greens.

I played one hole - over two rounds - three under this past weekend.  Birdie-Eagle.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The offseason has been fruitful for me because i"m getting more distance from my clubs.  Two rounds so far and have multiple 300+ drives, and feel like my irons are going further because on approach shots my ball is either ending up on the back of or over the green.  I feel like it's a combination of better ball striking because of I've finally listened to be freer with my swing and not try and hit the ball as hard as I can and getting stronger in the winter.  

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I'm not having any "distance problems". I've taken a couple of lessons. When I take the lessons everything seems to work fine. The pro just makes a couple of small adjustments, and I practice them. In my practice sessions I hit the ball well for the most part until I get tired - I'm 70. There are mishits, but I know exactly what I did when those happen and fix it. It's - I didn't get my weight shift forward enough. I know about hitting off mats - if I hit the ball a little "fat", that's when I didn't transfer weight forward and the club face shut slightly at impact and the ball goes lower and hooks left. It's consistent when that happens. When I get through, it's a nice high draw. We diagnosed that in a lesson. 

But for some reason, I'm doing something differently on the golf course than I am on the practice range. Next time I play, I'm going to ask a playing partner to take a video of me so I can compare it to what I'm doing at the driving range. And I can show these videos to my instructor. Hopefully the video at the course is one of my less than good shots. I want to see the error. 

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44 minutes ago, DrvFrShow said:

But for some reason, I'm doing something differently on the golf course than I am on the practice range.

Join the rest of the world who golfs... 😀

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    • Day 115.  I only had time today for 20 balls in the same drill as yesterday, but I did find the time.
    • Day 163: Worked mostly on driver today with almost golf balls. Did some work on static change, then a bunch of rehearsals, and then some full swings. Made some improvement on the push start line, and ever so slight drop kick (graze the ground), at least for today. 
    • Maybe I've interpreted this incorrectly, but it just strikes me that the underlying reason is not really about fewer events.  And while the amount of money is obviously so enticing, but even that may not be the main reason for some. Patrick Reed, among others, are talking about how the PGA Tour is not listening to the players and making necessary changes.  I never quite understood exactly what type of major change could be made, other than increased prize money and a different distribution. But with the revelation that LIV golfers are paid a negotiated amount to just show up and play, it seems, at least to me, that the real reason could be wanting a negotiated contract that pays a certain amount regardless of tournament outcomes. It may be that desire to be paid like a baseball player, just as an example, who shows up each game, goes about his business, maybe batting .300, hitting 30 HRs while his team wallows outside of the playoffs and he collects millions.  Regardless of the stark differences in available money between the PGA and MLB, it sure seems like that is really the life these golfers want.  And it seems that is what LIV is offering, or maybe I should say over offering. While I may not agree with what LIV is doing, I do understand the appeal of a contract over time; especially as one is getting past their prime.  It can't be lost on these golfers what some professional athletes are getting paid, with a portion being guaranteed.  A PGA Tour pro who has career earnings of over $25M is probably doing pretty good; especially while maintaining a top 125 in the sport.  But in other sports... John
    • Lol. Something to the effect of 'you miss 100% of shots you don't take'.   
    • Ugh, I wish we had better ways to deal with these sorts of idiotic law suits. Such of waste of time and money. 
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