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Your Golf Game - The Uplifting Topic


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Sometimes, this forum can be a bit negative toward the golf games of its members. I will take a bit of the "blame" for that - it's my nature to focus on the things that need improved, and kind of ignore the stuff that's good (it doesn't need attention if it's pretty good; work on your weaknesses!).


This is not generally a bad thing, really. We should work on our weaknesses, and focusing on weaknesses doesn't have to be a "depressing" or overly "negative" experience. In fact, I get great joy sometimes from knowing what a weakness is and how to fix it - that leads to hope, and desire.

But, still, sometimes we should take a moment to pat ourselves on the back. Dave and I trademarked "Golf is Hard®" and if you have LSW, you'll know what I mean when I talk about the chapter "The Man from a Faraway Land" and the estimates he'd make on how many strokes it takes to get the ball into the hole. All of us here manage to beat the score that man predicts… because we are all quite good when you view it from that perspective.

So, in this topic:

  • Please, brag about something you've done, something you nearly did, anything. (Golf-related)
  • Post if you need someone to pump you up a little bit.
  • Post something positive in golf that you experienced, saw, or participated in.
  • Post about when you're pumped up about something, yourself, so others can soak in your joy.

Sound good? I would start, but I know a lot of you are good at things. Actually, here's a good example:

On 2/1/2018 at 12:59 AM, mvmac said:

5th under-par round of the month :-)

Great job @mvmac!

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Okay.  Last time out I birdied what has been a nemesis hole.  Nothing spectacular: fairway, green, 6ft putt.  Now I have a movie to watch that ends well.

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1. I have more than one, hole in one. I have shot par numerous times, about 3 decades ago. I have also won 3 short game tournaments, and 2, 3 club tournaments. I suppose I could brag about those accomplishments, but I am not really a good braggart. 

2. Don't really need any one's help pumping me up. I have a great family. (see #4)

3 On a positive note,  I play in alot of charity tournaments. Even put together a few tournies  for juvenile diabetes. Pretty proud about that.

4. My Grand Children keep me pumped up. I am quite proud of all 6 of them. 

I'm just an easy going old dude, who knows what my priorities are. Complaining about others is not in my wheel house. As for my golf game, it's all mine. Some days are just better than others. 

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  • iacas pinned and featured this topic

It is rare to have an entire round of golf without hitting some really nice shots somewhere in the mix.

No matter how challenging this game is and how impossible it seems at times, I can't seem to shake the desire to improve or the excitement of walking to the first tee. After 7 years, the game hasn't become boring.

OK, this may sound a little douchey, but I enjoy reading about others improving. Whether it's a player breaking 100 for the first time (love the breaking bad thread), a kid getting better quickly and beating up on her older competition, or a low single-digit player getting below scratch... it's just cool to see some good results come out of the hard work.


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The thing I'm the most proud of right now is how much progress I've made with my swing and overall game in the 5 months since August when I did my first Sand Trap outing. 

I know Erik can attest to just how all over the place I was with the ball striking and also my body throughout the swing. I think I had 2 pars the entire round that day.

Bought my copy of LSW from Erik that day, signed up for Evolvr that same week, started filming my swing and made an effort to change the picture and fix one priority piece at a time. 

Fast forward through dozens of range sessions, hundreds of dry swings at home and within a few months I was able to break 80 a few times on my good days and have a completely renewed confidence in my game. 

Pretty excited to see what happens with my game this year!


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Hard to even think about actually playing golf when it's February.

I got my handicap index down to 6.7 at the end of the year. So that's a good thing.

I finally decided at this level, the only way I'm going to get better at this game is to take two steps back and do two things. 1) Get rid of my over the top move (success) 2) Get lessons. In 21 years playing this game, I'd had zero actual lessons. Pros have given me quick tips here and there, but not once had I taken a lesson. I received a gift cerificate to a year round indoor golf center, that has GC2 and a simulator. (They are one of the very few Exotics fitters around here). So I was looking around in there, and there was a sign for a pro giving lessons over the winter/spring for $75 for an hour lesson. So I asked the man up at the counter, if I could speak with him. I asked all the questions that are in LSW... He seemed to know his stuff. So I'm using my gift certificate for lessons and $75 a month once a month is in my price range (even though I'm a cook). In the three lessons I've had, we've changed my swing path, the weak push is gone, now my miss is a slight pull (if I get too quick). I think I am on my way to being a better golfer. I need to work on my short game a little, but this long game work will make my short game, well shorter.

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Bit of a different take from me. My swing has improved leaps and bounds since mid Last year thanks to some fairly minor changes but the thing that's really got me high on golf again is my 4 year old son getting into it.

I love watching him on the range and the joy on his face when he nails a shot and the accompanying " I did it daddy". To me there is no better feeling in golf, even if I get an ace it wont top this. He even asked for lessons for his 5th birthday. The boy has talent so don't know where he gets that from :-D

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Russ, from "sunny" Yorkshire = :-( 

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At this point I probably don't hit the ball much better than a typical 4 or 5 handicap does, but i can shoot under par on any given day because i putt like a unholy demon and can get up and down from pretty much anywhere. Putt for doooooooooooughz! 

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I recently joined a country club so this is going to the be first "snow bird" season that I actually will be playing some golf. As a result, my swing has gotten better and I'm generally playing better (in all areas) just due the fact that I'm playing more. I'm also just enjoying playing more. The older I have gotten the more I appreciate the peace and quiet. Hell, even the beer tastes better at the end of the round.

My bag:

Taylor Made R7 (x-stiff).
Taylor Made Burner 2 irons (stiff)
Cleveland Wedges (gap and 60)
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The thing I am proud of is finally curing myself of obsession with mechanics and improvement of the swing.

I toiled for around maybe 8 years or so and really enjoyed a lot of the journey,  but it became an obsession with detrimental effects on me.

Through it all I learned a lot about myself and if I had to do it over again I’d have done the exact same thing.  There was no other path for me.  Any time spent truly committed to an activity you enjoy is time well spent and if there were no lows there would be no highs.  Very little worth having comes without hard work even in recreation if that’s what golf is for someone.

What’s fun for me is going out and being able to just play.  It’s easy to forget how lucky we all are to be able to golf,  discuss and analyze golf,  practice and all of it.  There’s real problems that could easily prevent any of us from this at almost any time.

It sounds stupid,  but I am most proud that now I can just play. 



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I hit my driver pretty well.  It doesn't even require any practice. 

I play with a group of fellow seniors in North Carolina sometimes, and we play a local course that is always in great shape, and the best thing about that course is that the fairways are very wide.  I can just swing at my tee shot, no worries at all, and hardly ever miss a fairway.  It is so much fun to play that scenic, easy, mountain course. 

Down here in Jacksonville, a lot of those tee shots would be gone, into the woods or into the water. 

It is such great fun to play that course in NC. 

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I played a long awaited game against one of my co-workers. Due to ourwork schedules it was difficult to set a date, it took us almost a year to get it organised.
Off course, during that time there was a lot of banter and a small bet (for some bottles of wine) and everybody at work knew about the game.

I played very well (for me): ended up with 84 (+11) with 3 birdies. Very pleased needless to say!
Sent him home with his tail betwen his legs :-) and that nice Italian wine I've got coming my way will be a nice reminder.

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From a pure golf standpoint, I'm feeling very optimistic about this coming season.  I got some very good instruction last spring, and I know what I need to continue working on.  I was actually able to play better golf in California than ever before, even though my process is not even close to complete.  And that's all just great, but......

I went to the golf club last night to have dinner with a bunch of friends, and I realized how much I miss the club when the weather keeps me from playing.  Eight of us had dinner, and I saw a dozen ore more friends who I hadn't seen for a couple of months.  These are all people I'd never have met without golf.  Same with @mvmac, who went out of his way to play a couple of rounds with us in Palm Springs, and with all of my Newport Cup friends, and the bunch of Sand Trap guys who've come to play in Virginia.  Because I play golf, I've had the opportunity to meet and make friends with these people, and a lot more.  Golf may be hard, but golf is good too.


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When it comes to golf, I am an upbeat guy anyway. I feel the same way @DaveP043 does about the upcoming season. Feeling positive about a better game especially putting which I have always had a bit of a disdain. 

Going back to Pinehurst for a five days in June and am sure will make it to at least one TST get together. 

On 2/2/2018 at 6:27 AM, boogielicious said:

For me, I can finally start swinging the clubs again. I haven't been able to play since last August. Since then, two surgeries and a few injections and therapy. But I finally feel well enough to start practicing again. I should be able to hit balls in the next week.

You don't realize how much you miss golf until you can't play it.


On 2/2/2018 at 9:07 AM, saevel25 said:

I shot my first round under par every last year, and I broke 70 for the first time ever. I shot a 69. (insert pat on the back emoticon) :-D

Hear hear to returns and firsts gentlemen.. :beer: 

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Vishal S.

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    • I guess small positives, and maybe the PGAT adapts some for like th JD Classic or something, but doing that via LIV is throwing away the baby with the bathwater.   Shotgun - It's fine for a limited courses where finishing on 18th wouldn't matter. Imagine bunch of players at TPC Sawgrass finishing at, well, not the 18th, and holes leading up to it.   Big-time tournaments - Maybe you mean big-time players. I appreciate the idea of a world wide tour and need for outreach to more remote places but unless the handful of elite players play year around and all over the map, that's always going to be a challenge.  Holistically, it's hard to shake off this feeling that LIV golf is simply glorified silly season type golf. If it becomes the main circus, then I would count myself out as a serious fan/viewer. No other sport has felt the need to this kind of makeover and they have their own similar laments.  
    • Unless a fairway is 80 yards wide, my left misses are in the left rough and my misses are in the right rough. My straight shots wind up in the fairway. But yes, I'm aiming at the middle of the fairway unless there is asymmetric trouble, in which case I might aim well off center. 18 at Sawgrass, I might even be aiming that in the right rough (depending on my game on the day). I have played that hole once and on the day in question I was not missing anything left of my aimpoint, so I could aim at the left edge of the fairway and know that I wouldn't go left of that. That's not exactly my normal though. 
    • I saw this and I immediately answered new courses. I keep track of everywhere that I play and I'm always trying to add to it. I'm around 330 different courses played now. Should get another one later this month. So I put down play somewhere new. I still think that's the right answer, but it really depends. If I travel to England for golf, I'm always playing courses I've played before. I don't think I've played a new to me course in England in probably 15 years.  But, I'm not sure that I've played a new course anywhere for quite a while without at least having an idea of what I was getting myself into. I don't get to play all that much, so, within reason, I'd probably choose to play somewhere new even if I don't know vs playing somewhere I've played before. But that's all within reason too. Given the option of playing Pine Valley, which I have played before, and playing a municipal in south Jersey that I haven't played, then PV is getting the nod every day and twice on Sundays. So if it's a choice between a top 10 that I've played before or a not top 1000 I haven't then I'll take the one I've played. If it's two courses that are both top 100 I'll take the new one. 
    • Back from holiday and to work on my game.  I'm quite good in measuring distance inside 15 feet because I take my time before every putt to count the paces. After doing it several times you already know how much paces to the cup you have (always inside 15 feet). Outside that I guestimate the nearest yards multiple by 5. (15 feet / 20 feet / 25 feet) etc. I agree with this, or at least I came to the same conclusion. I think I still have some room from improvement in my long game, but in the 175-250 range I'm leaving myself to many up and down attempts that are hard to convert when my short putting is off. Also I struggle a little bit on long pitch shots while been above average on n-GIR shots.   
    • Just because you don't like the answers doesn't mean that there isn't one that clearly fits better than the other as the answer. The poll is asking you which of those two answers fits the passage the best, not whether you agree with the answers or not.
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