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NO MORE clubs changes for 2012

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I have decided that I will be going into the 2012 season with the same clubs I will end the season with. No new driver, no new woods, no new irons, wedges, or putters. Enough is enough. I will be re-gripping all my clubs and hopefully won't have to again till at least September. Anyone else barring down and going to attempt to stick to their current set up? A slight caveat I am having a new shaft put into my driver before the re-gripping.

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For Shame!  b2_tongue.gif  Good luck in the '12 season

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I'm saying exactly the same thing!! Just got new irons, woods and putter this year. Always looking for the next best thing to help my game, but in the end if I know the real reason is that I like getting new toys! Not anymore - I'm sticking with what I now have for the ENTIRE 2012 season - honest!!! a2_wink.gif
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Actually, I'm trying to find a way to get RID of my clubs. I want some new sticks. somethin shiny, just so I can pound 'em into some dirta3_biggrin.gif

...................but maybe that explains why I won't be getting new clubs unless I scrape together $400b4_blushing.gif

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I wont be buying any new clubs, but my *bench* bag is large enough that I may switch in and out some hybrids and/or wedges. 


But with a new driver bought for me in August, I dont see any more club purchases unless the wife hits the lottery this year.

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Not me, new irons next month from callaway. New 5 wood as well, oh and a new child.

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perhaps a putter , BUT THAT`S IT  f3_laugh.gif

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I made this same resolution for 2011; I made it and my game is no worse off because of it. Now that 2012 is almost here, I may be looking for a new driver this year a3_biggrin.gif

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I hadn't planned on buying anything this year, but......  I had just bought myself a Cleveland Classic putter right before Christmas, and after playing a couple rounds with it have come to really like it.  At about the same time, I pieced together a new putter for my Dad.  I played around with it during our last round, and it's freaking awesome!!  After we got home, I promptly ordered parts to put together an identical one for myself.  


So, that's it.  I have no desire to change my irons or wedges at this point.  I have several drivers that I've built up and a couple fairways that I like and can swap out when the mood strikes. 

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very good resolution !


there's always gonna be some new and exiting clubs coming out but you must resist. Don't waste your time and money, a set of clubs should last YEARS and new clubs will not improve your game to any great extent. 

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no new clubs...however, new shafts in my driver/fairway/hybrid may be different...lol

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I can dig the resolution!  Sounds like a winner to me.  I MAY reshaft one of my long hybrids or short woods, but I'm not shelling out any money this year for equipment other than some Pro-V1Xs and gloves.  This set up got me knocking on a single diget handicap, and with a little bit more course time I will break through.  Enough is enough on the spending.  I am soooo over the "Hotlist", though I think it is quite usable for the beginner or transitioning player.

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Maybe a bag for me, and that's it.

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No new changes for me either.  Getting a 3-wood, which I've been missing in my bag for several years.  Other than that, I won't be changing anything... unless I can find an Odyssey Protoype putter for a great price.  No changes in irons, driver or wedges though.

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I will be adding a 60* wedge and will be regripping my set, but not replacing anything currently in the bag.

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 ... it's unbelievable how often new clubs just seem to appear in the golf bag ... or so I tell my wife who is almost as avid about golf as I am, so I can get away with it (most of the time).    I'm such a club ho & I think you're exactly right - through much trial and error, I have settled on equipment that works well for me & it's time to just focus on what I have & to hit each club well.

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Trying to get rid of a couple sets of clubs. Unless something breaks, the only changes I'll make in 2012 involve rearranging what's in the basement. Regripping and lofts&lies doesn't count.

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