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What do You Pay for Handicapping?


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I'm doing a research for our Brazilian Golf Confederation Athletes Committee, Do you guys can tell how much do you pay for official handicap providers? what do they offer(if they offer other features to their members)? All the details will help if it's USA, or other countries. Thanks in advance.

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Where I live, it's $30 to $35 per golfer.

This is the only fee the AGA (allied golf association) charges for member clubs - at least about 20 members and you are a full member club with the Western Pennsylvania Golf Association.

For that, the CLUB gets a lot more, but the golfer for example just gets their handicapping tied to a club or clubs or even eClubs.

I run an eClub here: https://golfevolution.com/eclub/.


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Most of the courses in my area charge $35 to $40.


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At my home club, the Handicap fee is $40 per player.  I'm sure a portion of this goes to the club, and the bulk goes to the Virginia State Golf Association.  From what I remember being told at a VSGA Handicap workshop last spring, the VSGA retains most of that, with only a small portion being paid to the USGA.  The largest part of handicap administration is done at the state or regional level.  In addition, we were told that the state association provides the terminals used for Handicap Entry in the clubhouses or pro shops for physical golf clubs.


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At my club, MSGA (Maryland) handicap fee is $25.


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$42 including tax.  But there's a monthly throw-in of the Washington State Golf Association magazine.  Many courses in my area won't separate the GHIN fee from there Men's Club fee.  They laugh at you when you call them and ask what it costs to acquire a GHIN Handicap only through them.

And if you want your index to be sub 2 then it costs extra.  ☺️

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I am in Michigan and not a member of a private club.  I pay $39 to join the Golf Association of Michigan (GAM) and they set me up on GHIN for no additional charge.  I just need to select my home course which, for me, is where I play my league rounds.

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$30 at my club

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8 minutes ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Is the $30 at Pro Golf Discount? Is it official USGA GHIN?

Yes, it is. And, it says "USGA GHIN" when I open the app on my phone so it's either official or a darn good foreign counterfeit!

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