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Last (Golf) Thing You Bought

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Bought a set of wedges...the PW on my iron set is lofted at 44 degrees (I know, crazy strong!), so I treat my ion set 4-Pw as if they were a traditional 3-9 iron set (the distances match almost exactly to what I would get from traditionally lofted set of 3--9 iron)...anyway, back to what I bought...tried a whole bunch of wedges nd ended up buying a 48 (6 degree bounce), 52 (7 degree bounce) and 56 (13 degree bounce), Mizuno MPR-12 set of wedges! Used the 48 for the first time on the range yesterday and was pretty much taking dead aim at 110 yards...don't think I had a shot that was outside 5 feet of my target! Then played some half shots to around 70 yards and then played some high chip shots (open face/open stance) to 50 yards...all on the money! Can't really say enough about how good these wedges are...they come with stock DG Spinner shafts!
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Been shooting 92 last 3 weeks....my Handicap is 17.

My irons are Callaway X-24 Hots

Picked up Mizuno MP-53 5-PW + 50*GW (Project X 4.5 graphite shaft) @ Golfsmith to try out this weekend.

Shot an 84, won $87 on Saturday, then played 36 with firends where I used to golf on Sunday....shot an 89 then we played an 18 hole scramble.

I guess I'll keep them as they were just dead freakin' straight!...They were a club short due to the difference in lofts (X-24 6 iron = 28* vs MP-53 6 iron = 30*).

I wanted to see if I could game the forged irons again.....WOW!

I like 'em.

I got them for $300, less the $200 for my X-24's, leaving me with $100 for the irons.....don't forget i won $87 on Saturday....so the change to Muzino is costing me $13!

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Originally Posted by Mr. Desmond

iliac leather driver head cover and golf cap.

You need to post a picture of that in the WITB thread - I love my iliac driver cover. Not sure why, but I just really do.

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RBZ driver. Was hitting around 250 yards. Now hitting about 270 on average but can crack it over 300 if I really want to wind it.

Seems to have a larger sweetspot so it still flies if you miss-hit slightly.

I have read reviews about the sound being too loud. It might be slightly louder than average but I hardly notice. And when you see teh ball flying further than you used to hit it you can only hear angels singing !!

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Cleveland Classic #6 mallet putter Bag Boy Express 3 wheel cart. Ogio Kingpin cart bag Tour Sticks alignment rods 2 dozen Srixon Q-Star whites First three I ordered from Rockbottom and the last two from GlobalGolf. About $250 for all that ,so I am quite happy. Add the Nike dura soft glove and replacement spikes for my footjoys I got at Wal-Mart, and upgrading my GolfLogix app, I think I have spent enough money for the time being. lol
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Made my usual trip to Roger Dunns just to see what they had used and to pick up a few odds and ends and wound up buying a set of the original Nike Blades for $125... They are in absolutely amazing condition... I don't really have the game for blades but I don't care... they are beautiful and I wanted them.  They are quite possibly the prettiest club ever made (definitely the best Nike has ever put out).

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Not exactly from a golf store, but from a local goodwill. Hogan PC 2-SW (the sw is a Hogan Radial) with 1, 3 & 5 speed slot laminated woods with matching numbers. All are sporting newer grips, and regular flex apex 3 shafts. The best find was an older TP Mills 12 putter. It's hard to believe that these clubs are nearly 30 years old! Grand total for the purchase was $30 after I rounded up for the veterans.

The shafts have some duct tape residue that should be easy to clean off.

This is a very sweet feeling putter!!

I played today using these clubs on a 5737 yard course and scored an 86. Good fun

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Callaway Razor X draw driver

Callaway black woods 4w 7w 9w

Razor X 21 Hybrid

Razor X irons 5-Pw/Sw

Jaws 58 lobby off fleabay

Razor X staff bag

Ssshhh don't tell the Mrs !!

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A box of Top Flite Gamers

Buy one get one free golf shirts

Ordered a 61 degree Solus wedge online for $40

Think I'm gonna get some new shoes next. I felt a little moisture coming thru on Saturday.

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