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Longest Iron in Bag... And More


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  1. 1. What irons (not companies) do you carry (not hybrid in your bag)

    • 1-iron
    • 2-iron
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • Pitching wedge

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Mine is a 3 iron from my TM RAC set.  Was hitting it very well though of late am not doing too well with it.  No clubs in between that and my driver so looking at a 1 iron that is there at home and might bag that.  Assuming I can hit it well will do that.  For me if I can play the irons well, I see no problem with bagging those.  Never been a big fan of hybrids and don't have any fairway woods currently that play well.

What's in the bag

  • Taylor Made r5 dual Draw 9.5* (stiff)
  • Taylor Made Rescue 2H (stiff)
  • Cobra Baffler 4H (stiff)
  • Taylor Made RAC OS 6-9,P,S (regular)
  • Golden Bear LD5.0 60* (regular)
  • Aidia Z-009 Putter
  • Inesis Soft 500 golf ball
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Prepare to have your mind blown.  I carry no irons.  If you consider wedges irons then I carry a 49° wedge as my longest iron.  My next club is a 47° 19 wood.  I went thru a spell years ago where I could not hit a iron with any consistency but my woods would fly long and straight.  I bought a set of Bang SF woods to replace all my irons. I carry 3 wedges and 10 woods.  

I did think about putting some irons back in the bag after I got injured.  Although if I did that it would be 7-PW and I still would not be able to vote in this poll.

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Currently it's a 4 iron but my 2 hybrid is most likely going to be changed out for more of a driving iron (Titleist T-MB or Callaway Apex UT)

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4 iron 23*. I am working it back into the bag this year. Needed something for the gap between my 5 iron 26* and my 4H 21.5*

Yesterday I hit an approach shot with 4-iron for the first time, then proceeded to 3-putt.  Almost a good story.


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  • Administrator
10 hours ago, onthehunt526 said:

@iacas, just wondered have you tested any of the hollow utility driving irons? I've heard (I have my Adams DHY Lumpy) the trajectory is lower than "traditional" hybrids.

Just the PING Crossover.

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I voted 4-iron.  It's really a 4-iron for a high handicap set, followed by the 5-P of my irons.  I put the 4-iron for the other set into the bag a few years ago when I was in my brief club building phase.

I've been debating replacing my 3H and the 4I with two hybrids.  I haven't made the commitment yet.  The last few times I've hit either from the fairway, tee, or even range have been so amazing it's as if they knew my plans and wanted to convince me otherwise!

-- Michael | My swing! 

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Driver:  Titleist 915D2.  4-wood:  Titleist 917F2.  Titleist TS2 19 degree hybrid.  Another hybrid in here too.  Irons 5-U, Ping G400.  Wedges negotiable (currently 54 degree Cleveland, 58 degree Titleist) Edel putter. 

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On 10/3/2015 at 9:08 AM, georgep said:

4I, but I can throw my wedge almost as far. ;-)

When I'm swinging well, the 4I is very valuable in the bag, in part because it gives me a club that I can punch under trees when I need to. It also fills the distance slot between my 20* hybrid and the 5I nicely. Still, there are days when I'd be better served by a hybrid. 

If you can hit your wedge as far as your 4 iron. Then you can't hit a 4 iron worth a damn.

Edited by Natural Patrick
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I still bag a 3I, though it is of limited usefulness.

D, 3W (15*), 19.5H, 24H, 5I (30*), 6-9 (same old lofts) 50, 55, 60 wedges.

The 20* 3I is only used for punching out from under trees that all too often jump between the ball and green. :content:


:wilsonstaff: - FG Tour F5
:wilsonstaff: - Fybrid 3W 15*, FY 19.5*, 4H 24*
:wilsonstaff: - FG 51 Tour Blade 4-9
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Old Master - TZ Putter

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I took my iron set from 4-PW so I could carry 3 wedges.  I have my driver and a 4w and 3h.  If I wanted to put a 3 iron in, I could but then I would have to do something like a 52 and 58 2 wedge set. 

I can hit the 4 iron well and tag it 180-190.  My hybrid goes 210-220 and if I choke up a bit I can hit it 200.  My 4w goes 230ish so I am not really missing much in the terms of yardage gaps so really no reason to go any further up with irons.  I have tried a 4h but I just prefer the iron from 4 down

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I have a 4i, it goes between my 4h and my 5i. Haven't hit it for a year, only able to launch it after my last lesson. Have hit 2 greens with my last 3 approaches with it.

D: Ping G25 Stock S Shaft
3W: Titleist 915F 16.5* Diamana S70 Blue Stiff
3H, 4H: Callaway XR Project X LZ 6.0
5i-PW: Mizuno MP54 Project X 5.5 Shafts
52*, 58*: Mizuno JPX Wedge TT Dynalite Gold AP
Putter: Mizuno MP A306

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  • 6 years later...

I have a swing speed of 89mph for my 4 iron as per trackman with total carry of 185  avg.  I have guys ofter ask me where my 3 iron is but I tell them my 3 iron carry distance is at best equal to my 4 iron because I dont have the head speed to get it airborn for any longer with the lower loft. 2 iron is a lot less carry. So 4 iron is effectively my cut off iron.  One guy in particular I play with doesnt buy into the physics behind launch angle and launch speed and why you have a certain loft after which you start to lose distance because of this. If a lower loft iron always sends the ball further then we would all be hitting 0 deg irons and sending the ball into the next timezone. What I have been trying to get on the internet is a chart/graph showing the carry v iron for different max head speeds of different golfers. Any one know of any site that might have this?

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  • iacas changed the title to Longest Iron in Bag... And More

It is interesting that according to the poll, more members carry a 4 or 5 iron than a 9 iron. I suspect some responders may have misunderstood the question and listed their longest iron rather than all the irons they carry. Or maybe the info is spot on.

Brian Kuehn

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5 iron right now.

never had a 7wood or 9wood.

hybrids 2H 17* 4H 23*

Edited by flopster

Rich C.

Driver Titleist 915 D3  9.5*
3 Wood TM RBZ stage 2 tour  14.5*
2 Hybrid Cobra baffler 17*
4Hybrid Adams 23*
Irons Adams CB2's 5-GW
Wedges 54* and 58* Titleist vokey
Putter Scotty Cameron square back 2014
Ball Srixon Zstar optic yellow
bushnell V2 slope edition

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Super old thread, but an interesting topic IMO.  My longest iron in my 4 iron, with a carry around 180-185 on a good day. I don't carry any hybrids as I just haven't given them a try. Since my driver is basically a 200 yard carry, and my 3 wood is fairly close to my 4 iron, I'm not sure that gap needs closing.

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