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Line or No Line Putting

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I've never used a line on my golf ball to help align my putting.  I don't know about anyone on TST, but I've seen lots of players really get slow, aligning the little line, back up and look at it, re-

I currently putt without using any sort of mark/line. I have tried a handful of times on but never really committed to it because I seem to putt better without it. May give it another try at some poin

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On 11/14/2016 at 1:43 PM, Strat-Pack Rick said:

I checked for a thread on this, promise.  Ive always put a line on the ball when i mark them for I.D. The line helps when i practice to see a wobble from my stroke. I thought the line would help on the course with lining up putts but i have recently quit using it and im putting way better. The line just causes me trouble when playing but i still practice with it. Just curious about who uses a line and who doesnt. Maybe im just not using the line correctly or its more trouble than its worth.

I myself do not use a line. I have learned also that the putterhead whether being pointed straight, left, or right of the hole does not mean that is where the ball is going to go. I pay more attention to the way my feet set up towards the line I want to hit the ball on. Once I get settled onto that line I dont waste much time hitting the putt. To me a line on the ball seems to just complicate the putt. It seems like most pros use a line, but again most of us are not pros...

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lol. everything is sensitive these days.

I put a line on the ball because it makes it easier to identify in the woods. "Yeah, that one's mine."

I don't use it on the green because i can't line up the line very well. We all have our little methods of lining up putts.  

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    • Lots of speculation there. 😉 I don't think there have been any people who have stated categorically what they KNOW will happen. The consensus would be that the implications are dire with regard to a return to top level competitive golf and pretty much everyone hopes that he will be able to return to some semblance of normality sooner rather than later. Most people have focused on Tiger the person rather than Tiger the golfer, which I think is pretty fair and reasonable. Also, he has more than a "broken leg and fractured ankle". Those terms cover a wide range, obviously, but this was no minor accident. The topic of the thread invited people to speculate, as you have done. I think it's all pretty moot, anyway. I would speculate that the last thing he would want to do would be to be seen as a charity case or a freak show "wildcard" tournament entry and shoot 86 and then withdraw. I don't think people have said that a return would CAUSE further major injury, it's a question of whether the current injuries will prevent a serious return to COMPETITIVE tournament play which is the only thing that interests him with regard to his presence at a tournament  as a player. (I think)
    • I always laugh when something like this happens and all the interweb know-it-alls start speculating... "he'll be in a wheelchair for the next 12 months!" - over a broken leg and fractured ankle?  He will not be in a wheelchair for a year, he's not paralyzed.  "He needs to retire, no need to risk his health!" - what, given his injury history already, could he possibly do playing GOLF that would debilitate him permanently?  And yes, I'm well aware of how golf can screw up a persons body given the amount of muscles used... but still, coming back and playing golf, at worst, could only likely result in an additional injury that *might* at *worst* actually end his playing days as a competitor.  It's not like returning to golf is going to put him in a wheelchair permanently from trying to smoke a drive.  At this point, I hope he recovers fully, and I do hope that if he can, he returns to playing golf.  If not, so be it.  But who am I to say or anyone else here "no need to risk your health Tiger, retire!"
    • If they all got legit handicaps and you can split it relatively even, you could do a Ryder Cup style event.
    • Looking for a set of these irons in great shape. I need 6-pw and gap wedge with graphite shafts..  I have a set of 5-gap forged Srixon Z585 irons w Steel fiber shafts. Iomic camo blue grips that are new. I WANT TO SWAP MY IRONS FOR YOURS. Shipping from 32068 FLA  They are in real good shape. I can send pictures to an email. ( Iacas I will send to your email since you can post pictures for everyone to see) Thank you  
    • Not at all. I am being completely serious. Tiger Woods is the biggest drawcard in golf and will remain so. Are you suggesting that there are tournament directors that would choose not to have Tiger in the field if he wanted to be there? And, remember, the only reason he would have for wanting to be there is that he feels fit and able to compete and contend. Why would my comment be sarcastic? Just wondering..... When it comes to Tiger Woods, there will be no "official" lists or expiry dates. 
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