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Favorite Thing about This Time of Year


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Golf, as well as Star Trek: Bridge Crew just released for HTC Vive/Oculus on PC, so finally, FINALLY! I can command a starship with 3 of my closest (or completely unknown) friends. It really feels like i'm on the bridge of a Starfleet flagship. (I have a chair that feels very much like a Trek Captains chair looks like it would)

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On 6/4/2017 at 9:44 PM, MarvChamp said:

Now it's June in Texas, the Beautiful Ladies are dressing appropriately for summer. Nice!



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It used to be, here in South Florida, that summer meant the tourists went home & we would get the courses to ourselves. Plus the rates drop. But here in Miami? There's no noticeable difference. It's still too many people in too small of an area & Miami does not have enough courses to serve the population. Many have closed & made into (more valuable) homes. 

The bright side? I am three hours from Key West. Go do the Duval Crawl!


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13 minutes ago, mp33man said:

Already bought water and canned food. Don't wait till people get crazy, right?

I agree.   I have a cousin that is severely affected by Harvey in Houston.   She was forced to evacuate.   

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Pros of this time of year:

End of summer means start of golf season for me. :-)

Also, "Labor Day" sales! Just bought two Alto TX-215 15" woofer 1100W self powered speakers and a Harbinger 2218S 18" 1500W from Guitar Center Live Audio. Clean. 3700 Watts of D-class power. I hooked up my projector and got awesome roaring movie theater quality sound with a 15 foot wide projection. Had to get a mixer to run XBR to the speakers. 1/4" jacks had way too much hum. XBR brought that down to about 80dB or more SN. Which was attributable to the HDMI projector ground connection. The distortion meter shows that the quality is past where normal people can hear. It's no Mirage OMD-28, but they are really hearty speakers I can even use outside.


The big downside is the kids are going back to school again. Going to miss the impromptu golf and other things my son and I do together now that he's off to University. I still have a daughter, but she's less "impromptu" than my son. We need to plan everything ahead.

Things I don't really miss is that Costco is gearing up for Christmas already?!?

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The leaves, apples, pumpkins, and the empty golf courses on Sunday afternoons thanks to the NFL games.  The downside is that I know my golf season will be over in several weeks.

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