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Best Shot of the Week


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Love it! And hate it at the same time, you jerk! 😉

Took me a second to figure out your scoring system, but I've got it now… 😉

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My first round in 4 months so I was excited to get out. Playing TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course. I was playing less than stellar through the first 5 holes (Par, Double Bogey, Par, Par, bogey). Hadn’t been great off the tee. 
Came to the 6th hole and finally hit a FW. I was lying 190yds to hole and pulled my 25* hybrid and hit the best shot of the day. It landed about 5yds short of green and bounced up, rolling to about 10” from the hole. It was a great pick-me-up to get a birdie. I still didn’t play great the rest of the day, but it definitely was a memorable shot for me. 

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Yesterday, on my sim league.  Back finally loosened up and my 63 yr old self unleashed a 272 yard drive followed by a 277 yard drive, of course it took till I got to 17 & 18 for the back to let me go after it a bit........ I had been driving in the 220's the first 3 holes, then the 230's and 240s  prior to the last two holes. LOL

Pretty soon it will warm up and the back might cooperate quicker outdoors.

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Played out in Vegas for a few days. This was my best shot while I was out there. We were playing at Paiute Golf Club on the Wolf Course. BTW - It's beautiful. I highly recommend giving it a go.

Anyhow, hole 15 is an island green. All day I'd been trying to knock the ball onto the middle of the green. I tried to ignore the flag, go for the middle of the green.

From the tee-boxes we were playing this is a 140 yard shot to the middle of the green and about 135 to the flag. Initially I took 9 iron and planned on going for the middle of the green. But changed my mind at the last moment and took P-wedge and dead aim at the flag. My P wedge tends to draw a lot, so I figured it was a good choice against a left to right wind. 

I hit a high towering shot that held it's line against a left to right wind and just caught the edge of the green, coming to rest on the fringe. 

One six foot putt from the collar and a tap in later, I had a par. 


In case you are curious. One of the other guys in my foursome hit a safe shot to the center of the green. He also made par. 

The other two guys both hit the water. One guy is lefty and hit a high fade that fought the wind and drifted all the way left of the green. He went to the drop area, popped it on and made 5. The other guy (a righty) put two in the water, both short. Then he went to the drop area and added another to the water. Finally making a 9. The funny thing is that other than his 9 on this hole, he had the best round of all of us. He played really well, other than on this hole. 

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A mix I am forever tinkering with. 

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Playing a 235 yard par three, a little downwind and pretty firm conditions. 

It is hit solid with a slight fade, going right on line with the pin. One of those shots when everyone goes “ooh” after it is in the air. A few bounces short of the green and it is still on line, finally rolling toward the hole. It slows down, breaks a little right and stops three feet short. If it had the right speed it would have been in the hole. It would have been historic, as there have only been 7 holes-in-one on that hole in 115 years, and that's with a PGA event there for 18 years. 


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Hit a really satisfying shot into the par-3 7th this morning. Only played a partial bag and didn’t have my preferred 5-iron for this shot, but it was windy and rainy so just went with a full 4-iron. Landed soft on the back fringe and left around 20ft downhill downhill out which dropped for a birdie.



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Had back issues early in the week. Got over it Thursday. Happened to have fair enough weather to play Friday after work... WHOOOPS!!!

I forgot to put ANY clubs in the car that morning and didn't have my usual three-sets to choose from (just in the car).  I knew I had some balls, but wasn't about to drive home and back for clubs (an hour round-trip).

It's just a par-3, six-hole course, so I only needed one or two clubs and a putter. I called my pal to see if he wanted to play (and we could share), nope he was busy. I went by a second-hand sporting good store to see if they had a cheap single club I liked (trying not to buy the Hogan Cameos they've yet got in there-at this time). No dice there. 

So I dug around in my car and did find ONE old ratty 5i from about 1968. I don't even know where I came up with it, but it's a lot like the irons I started with as a boy. Still has the original leather grip with a reminder ridge (hate those).  Anyway.  I went to the course, sat out the downpour, and did a one-club challenge with that old blade.

Result: I was on ALL but one of the greens for birdie putts. Three of which were short birdie putts, but hey I was putting with a 5-iron. I did two bump and runs and three landed on the wet greens and stopped.

The first hole is about 88 yards down hill and very damp in front of the green, any sort of flier will plug up if it hits short.  I bumped one up there it hit about two thirds of the way to the green and rolled up about 10' right of the hole. Then I hit the second green about about 110 yards and the ball stuck (fresh downpour had the greens a little softer than usual) but had a long putt-toughest green on the course. Then I hit the third, missed the fourth--bumped up and two-putted for bogey. The fifth hole is about 55 yards and has a postage-stamp sized green, and a three-foot tall bump right in front of the green, to prevent rolling one from tee to green over the flat fairway.  I chopped one into that bump and it bounced right up and over--rolling up about 12' from the hole.  Missed it, but would have only been my second birdie ever on that miniature hole. (I nearly holed one there last year). The very longest hole, about 130 yards I pulled the shot left somewhat--but not off the green!

I knew it was time to leave. Going around another time might have been as good, but it could have easily been a lot worse. And the sun had popped out making the humidity rather thick, plus I had other stuff to do and a social. 

Now I'm going to polish up that club and hang it on the wall. And I'll keep a set in the car at all times now--never know when the opportunity can strike and my opportunities are limited.  As I had long suspected--it ain't the equipment that makes the game. I had a great day with about the last club I would have ever selected for a one-club challenge-just because circumstances and some well-practiced rhythmo!

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