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What Do You Do for a Living?


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I’m an oil field operator for a major oil and gas company. It’s hot. It’s hard work but when I have down time I get to pull out the clubs and hit as many balls as I can afford. 

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I am retired!!   My last job was as President and CEO of Omega Performance.  An international training company that focused on the technical training of commercial lenders, as well as training government agencies that audit commercial loans. 

Prior to that I was a senior executive (VP) with AchieveGlobal, at that time among the world's largest training companies with offices throughout the world.  We specialized in training in the areas of leadership, customer service and sales.  One neat thing we did was do the training for all the volunteers for the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

I have always been in the training and development space since I finished graduate school in 1973.

So now I play golf and do whatever is on the "honey do" list.  :-) 

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I am recently retired, March, 2019, as a police sergeant. During my career I worked patrol, narcotics and lost my mind when I took a couple promotions. Just recently started playing golf again after a long hiatus and hope to be able to devote quite a bit of time to become much better. 

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On 3/10/2019 at 3:14 AM, CaddyCarl said:

Former US Marine, retired police officer, now I work customer service for Rolex USA. Still waiting for my watch...

As is everyone who is prepared to pay for a steel sports :-)

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I was a furniture designer and importer for quite a number of years. I retired from that and wasn't happy with retirement, so I applied for and got the job as the Youth Director at my synagogue. I did that for 9 years and was then promoted to Executive Director. I held that position for another 6 years before our synagogue merged with another one. We moved to their building and their management team took over, forcing me into retirement again. I worked part time for 4 years running the proshop at a local golf course and left there about 3 years ago.

I'm now employed full time by 2 while fluffy doggies who make me accede to their every whim.


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Retired ( 22 years ago!!) doctor----I was a consultant radiologist in hospitals here in the UK.

Have played golf for 64 years----once scratch, now 5 h'cap and having difficulty hitting the ball out of my shadow....but as ever, I live in hope.

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35 minutes ago, Typhoon92 said:

I was a sales manager for a large beverage company.  Getting layed off next month along with our whole division across the country.

18 years gone.

So sorryto hear about this. There's way too much of this sort of thing going on that gets overlooked in the news of the current economy. I hope you find something enjoyable and satisfying to do into the future.

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Still teaching 8th Grade Social Studies... but now I get to do it in my underwear!  We have been teaching through Digital Learning Days since mid March.  My last day in the classroom was March 12th, and we are not going back into the classroom this school year. 

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