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Typically - do you take a FULL practice swing before every shot ?

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I know it varies from shot to shot & club to club ... BUT ... on average, do you take one full practice swing, a bunch of partial swings, or just set up with a mini-waggle or two as part of your pre-shot routine and have at it.


I always have used the one full practice swing routine, but in thinking about it, seems unnecessary.     I think I'm going to try to cut down on this & keep the pre-shot routine it to a couple little waggles at set up and see how it works out ...

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If it's a full swing shot, I typically take one practice swing at about 70% effort, step back behind the ball to pick a line, and then step back up to the ball and hit... If it's less than a full swing though, I take more practice swings at close to full effort to try to get the right feel for the shot.
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Nope, never.


However, its funny that you ask this now, because I just posted this like 10 minutes ago ... http://thesandtrap.com/t/6754/developing-a-repeatable-swing/0_30#post_931793


Long story short ... I think I'm going to experiment with a full practice swing.

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I try to, it's part of my routine but it can get loose if I am just farting around. Next season I intend to be more consistent with how I approach shots. Looking back at my best rounds those were the days I did everything the same.

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Nope. Just a slow little half swing to get any tension out of the arms. 

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I begin with a quarter swing where I try to get the right impact "feel" (shaft leaning slightly forward, weight transferred forward, light brush of the turf with the clubhead). Sometimes it takes about 2-3 quarter swings, but once I get the right feel, I immediately transition into one full practice swing. The feeling I am looking for again is a light brush of the turf, with the clubhead connecting just in front of the ball position. If my swing takes a divot, something is wrong. If my swing hits only air, something is wrong. Once I get that nice brush, I move into my stance and swing away!

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I don't remember the last time I did.


Seriously, it may have been over a decade ago.

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Not really. I might make a full motion if I'm trying to feel my A4 position, but definitely not at normal speed.
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A couple pendulums to get the feel of the length of the club correct.  (Before that, what Big C noted was identical to my habit)


I'm starting to think that just getting up there and hitting is the right thing to do as I gain confidence, though.  I'm wondering if there's a bonus in emphasizing the visualization of the swing and shot, and de-emphasizing the physical practice swing.  hard to tell until I get to test it, I suppose.

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Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.  When I do take a full practice swing I brush the ground.  I also do kind of a Mike Weir thing where I make a back swing rehearsal waggle over the ball, then I hit it.

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I usually make one swing that's as close to simulating the swing I intend to make as possible without hitting the ground (so no chance of a divot). I do it back behind the ball before I really start what I consider my pre-shot routine.


Once I address the ball I take the club back to it's horizontal position in the takeaway, as sort of a slow waggle, to get a feel for that position that I need to cross on my back swing and then hit the ball.


All I'm really looking for with a practice swing is to watch the club head pass though the impact zone to see if it's travelling on the right line for the shot I'm trying to play. If I don't like the look or feel of it I am likely to do it again (but that seldom happens).

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I do like a half speed swing. Usually only one but if something feels odd ill do a couple until it feels right. Its more so I make a concise effort to keep my tempo smooth. When I half ass it I usually hit a bad shot.
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I always take the same swing I plan on using when i step up to the ball. even If it takes 1 time or 3, until I get the swing I want.

This is the only way I have found to be more consistent with each shot i make.

I have found when i just grip and rip it does not go well.

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Yes, usually three 50% speed full swings.  When you get older, cool weather and slow pace means having to stretch out between each full shot.  When it's nice and warm with a good amount of humidity, I do this much less because it's easier to stay loose. It's important to note that on the tee box, I take my swings BEFORE teeing up.  Then it's tee it up, address ball and go.  On the fairway it's behind the ball, then address and go.


Also practice the less-than-full-swing pitch and chip shots 3x as well.  As soon as I believe the swing meets the distance I step up, hit it and leave it short!



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Originally Posted by jamo View Post

Not really. I might make a full motion if I'm trying to feel my A4 position, but definitely not at normal speed.


This is what I do too. The speed is (or at least feels like it is) much slower than my normal swing.

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I wouldn't really call it a full swing. It really is just me taking sort of a 3/4 swing at 50% effort to get a feel for what I'm trying to do when I'm over the ball.

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Nope. Just little 1/2 swing to loosen up....
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I take about a 50-75% swing unless it's a crazy opened up lob wedge I need to get up really fast in which case I swing for the bleachers to get a feel of the turf since I'm usually in the rough when I do it.  I will also amend my 50-75....if I'm in heavy rough no matter the club I give a full practice to feel the resistance I'm going to get and if I think it's even possible to advance vs punch out.

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