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30-Day (Was COVID) Practice Plan Challenge - April 1-30 2020

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I'm in! 

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"A good conversation is not designed to win the argument. It is designed to enjoy the exchange."

Matt "Dough", P.E.
 fasdfa dfdsaf 

What's in My Bag
Driver: :callaway: GBB Epic,  3-Wood: 
:titleist: 917h3 ,  Hybrid:  :titleist: 915 2-Hybrid,  Irons: :srixon: (4-PW)
:edel: Trapper (52, 56, 60),  Putter: :edel:,  Ball: :snell: MTB,  Shoe: :true_linkswear:,  Rangfinder: :bushnell: Tour V2

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1 hour ago, bsilar27 said:

I’m in

Welcome @bsilar27.   We're glad you decided to participate in the practice plan challenge and join TST.   Tell us a little about yourself and your origin!  

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From the land of perpetual cloudiness.   I'm Denny

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I'm in as well.

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Driver: :callaway: Epic Flash Sub Zero
Woods:  :ping: G425 3Wood:ping: G410 3 Hybrid
Irons: :tmade: P770 (4-PW)
Wedges: :callaway: MD3 50   MD5 54 58 degree  
Putter: :scotty_cameron:  2018 Select Fastback
Ball: :tmade: TP5x

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Oh my goodness, yes, please and thank you.  I've been bad about doing any practice the past two weeks or so (see also:  my fall-off on the 30-day challenge, with a single attempt to restart that lasted one day). 

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-- Michael | My swing! 

"You think you're Jim Furyk. That's why your phone is never charged." - message from my mother

Driver:  Titleist 915D2.  4-wood:  Titleist 917F2.  Titleist TS2 19 degree hybrid.  Another hybrid in here too.  Irons 5-U, Ping G400.  Wedges negotiable (currently 54 degree Cleveland, 58 degree Titleist) Edel putter. 

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I'll give it a shot.

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:callaway: Rogue SubZero Driver

:titleist: 915F 15 Fairway, 816 H1 19 Hybrid, AP2 4 iron to PW, Vokey 52, 56, and 60 wedges, ProV1 balls 
:ping: G5i putter, B60 version
 :ping:Hoofer Bag, complete with Newport Cup logo
:footjoy::true_linkswear:, and Ashworth shoes

the only thing wrong with this car is the nut behind the wheel.

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I'm in....way too random in the at home practice routines...

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Ping G400 SFT 10deg  R flex

Ping G410 3w R flex

Ping G400 3h and 4h R flex

Taylormade SLDR 5i thru PW graphite shaft R flex

Cleveland CBX wedges - 50, 54, 58 or 52, 58 (depending on my mood)

Odyssey Versa or White Steel #5

Srixon Q Star

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    • Wordle 463 3/6* 🟦⬛🟦⬛🟧 🟧🟧⬛⬛🟧 🟧🟧🟧🟧🟧
    • Just wondering if anyone who has had a knee or hip replaced still can play as you once had?
    • I made peace with my driver. I'm hitting it better than I've ever hit it... or rather maybe I've finally been fit into one that works for me. Or I finally figured out how to hit it. It's probably the latter, because I can't believe that changing the loft from 10.5 to 11.25 and adding 150 rpm spin has made that much difference in ball flight. I did this three rounds ago. I was hitting around 32% fairways with it. The last 3 rounds I've been in the upper 50s%. I don't slice anyway. 
    • Day 61 (9/24/22): I worked on impact position in very abbreviated swings with real golf balls. Then I played about 12 holes at PGA West Stadium Course on the simulator. That. Course. Is. Unbelievably. Difficult. Good luck if you miss a green basically anywhere. Holy moly. I’m going to Palm Springs and was planning to play it so I think I need to play it about 50 times on the sim before I go there. 
    • Day 14: Still working on grip thing, maybe too much (blisters), and to the point of overthinking things (feeling flummoxed addressing the ball right now). We'll see how it goes in tomorrow's round, but still feel limited to 3/4 swings to contact the ball solidly. Planning to record some swings tomorrow afternoon, but it's a busy day, so maybe Monday.
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