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58 minutes ago, ncates00 said:

Those look slippery.  Do you have sweaty hands and/or play in humidity?  I can't even play without a rain glove and full cords, and even then I gotta towel everything and hope for the best.

There's a pretty fine texture that doesn't show well in the photos I've seen.  In addition, the material they use starts out pretty tacky, and remains that way.  I play in Virginia in the summer, so its pretty humid, and use a standard golf glove most of the time.  I've played these in Ireland and Scotland in steady rain, and they're still pretty good when I wear rain gloves.  My current grips are over 2 years old, and are still plenty tacky.  I've used GP Tour Velvet, Tour velvet full cord, New Decade, and Pure DTX, and none of them are as good, for me, as the Iomic.  The Pure grips are the closest, and again I think its the material that makes a difference with them.

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I use the golf pride multi-compound on my irons and rescues, Tour velvet on my driver and 3wood. Its not out of brand loyalty or anything. Just laziness. I dont feel like shopping for something else. I know that set up works and i like it..

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3 hours ago, klineka said:

MCC Plus 4 for me

+1 to that for me.  I liked them on my wedges but was afraid to invest on doing the set.  The Nike VPC irons I got from Global Glof had brand new ones on there so I was psyched to try them.


love them, will do my clubs with them forever.

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On 7/14/2019 at 4:41 PM, leftybutnotPM said:

And... Tour Velvet grips are by far the most popular grips used on tour. That must mean something, when they can have whatever they want for free.



They’re paid to play them too. So no it’s not unbiased.

I play nothing but PURE Grips.

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14 hours ago, coachjimsc said:

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap Midsize for all my clubs minus putter.

Longest lasting grips I've ever purchased.

Time for you to purchase some PUREs. They'll outlast anything.

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20 hours ago, iacas said:

They’re paid to play them too. So no it’s not unbiased.


Sure, but they're paid to use Golf Pride in general and lots prefer Tour Velvet over New Decade MCC, which are a more expensive and more hi tech product.

So what I'm getting at is you have to choose what you like, not what others use. :-)


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23 hours ago, jmanbooyaa said:

I use Tour Velvets. I prefer Golf Pride MCC but find the Tour Velvets last longer. The cost doesn’t hurt either. 

I use Westlys Bleach white  to bring the grips back to tackiness.  It's white wall tire tire cleaner and does a great job.  Makes the MCC last longer.

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On 7/14/2019 at 11:51 AM, ncates00 said:

lamkin full cord.  They tear your hands/glove up, but haven't found a better combo for my VERY sweaty hands in TN humidity than those grips and FJ rain grip gloves.

 Lamkin CrossCords are the grips I've used for years and years. With FJ WeatherSof gloves. The Lamkins never seem to wear out but I change them each spring anyway.

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Golf Pride CP2 Wrap, Midsize. Changed all my clubs, except putter of course, and really like them. However, I do not play in the rain so I don't know how they react to water. I had been playing with regular size grips but had my hands measured and found I need a midsize, why I didn't do this long ago I'll never know. I also have them double wrap as well.

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    • Unfortunately the bolded part is not entirely correct. The club-length is always measured with the longest club in the bag, excluding the putter.
    • Playing in 2 club with putter 2 man scramble this weekend and found this thread when looking for ideas.  I was planning on 4 hybrid and 50° gap wedge.  This thread helped confirm that thought.  Loved reading the comments!
    • I’ve not really noticed anything,  I’ve played in the wet and I’ve hit with a wet face because I haven’t bothered to wipe it off.  However my pattern is “Jekyll and Hyde” so I tend to either hit it pretty straight or hit bad shots that are pretty bad.   So I doubt I would notice something that was saved by a few feet due to a wet/coated club face.  Usually trees do a better job for me to keep it in play.
    • When water gets on my driver face I hit knuckleballs... not my preferred shot shape.
    • Thing is… a lot of slower swinging players could probably use MORE spin.
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