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What Did You Make First… An Eagle or Bunker Hole Out ?


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Just curious to hear from those that have been lucky enough to do either ... what did you do first [eagle or bunker hole out] ??

Great question.  My first eagle came back in the 1960's as a teenager with a driver, 4 wood and putt on a par 5. Most of the courses that I played had few bunkers, so I know my first was an eagle. I have at least one eagle in each decade since, then for a total of 13.

After a lot of practice over the years out of the sand, I have been able to get up and down on numerous occasions, but I can only remember a handful of bunker hole outs.

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If you play a shorter course Eagles are more likely. I've missed 5 Eagle attempts from inside 15 feet in the past 4 months. Bunker hole outs are more lucky, and I wouldn't call getting it to 2 feet anywhere close to hole out "capable".
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bunker hole outs, not anything memorable but I know I've had several.  Eagles, 3. all hole outs from the fairway and I remember every one.  One on a par five and two on par fours.  One from about 160 yards.

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I don't think I've ever holed out from a bunker in a round. Then again, I rarely hole out any chips for some reason... I've had my fair amount of Eagles though.
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Quite a few bunker holeouts before my 1st eagle

and a couple bunker holeouts between the 1st and 2nd eagle FWIW

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  • 5 years later...

A par 5 eagle came first. Next was a hole in one. Then a bunker hole out.

Bunker hole outs are at the bottom of my list on hole outs. I tend to stay out of green side bunkers. 

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