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What Are Your 2022 Golf Goals?


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Like our 2008 , 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 2014, 201520162017201820192020, and 2021 threads, here's the official thread for 2022!

The rules are the same as they've been:

  1. Post your personal golf-related goals for 2022. Be specific and thorough.
  2. Elaborate on how you'll go about achieving these goals. Details, people! :-)
  3. Post just once this year in this topic. So, make it a good post. (Though if you reach all of your goals, you should quote your post and revise them later in the year. Then you should set harder goals next year. 😄)
  4. Keep the replies to a minimum. This thread is mostly for the posting of goals. If you want to encourage more discussion of your goals, post a copy of them in your Member Swing thread. If you want to discuss someone else's goals in more depth than a few replies, quote them in their Member Swing topic.

If you're looking to recap your 2021 goals, that topic can be found right here.

Let's hear 'em!

Remember, please, that good goals should be SMART:

  • S - Specific
  • M - Measurable
  • A - Attainable
  • R - Relevant
  • T - Time-based

We have the "T" because it's 2022. The rest, well, make good choices.

Erik J. Barzeski —  I knock a ball. It goes in a gopher hole. 🏌🏼‍♂️
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

I am the first with goals! Yeah!! :beer:

Seriously, I have the same set of goals as in 2021 (both met):

Complete the birdie challenge either on the home course, on the away courses or (of course) both.  I managed to finish the home course in 2021, so let's repeat that.

The other goal is to stay in the single digits another year.

A third (implied) goal is simply to just keep enjoying whatever round I am playing, with whomever I am playing it, wherever.

Easy! Done. 🙂


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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Goal 1: At least maintain handicap, and hopefully improve it

Right now I am at 10.7. I probably have 3-4 more rounds in 2021, and given the current state of my full swing, I don't see it going lower, but maybe something clicks over the next two weeks and I'll post a couple good scores.

Frankly, I am not unhappy to be playing at around 10. When I got back into golf 5 years ago, getting to 10 seemed utterly impossible, so I have already improved more than I ever expected to.

Looking at strokes gained data from 2021, compared to my target handicap of 5, I am positive in putting, slightly negative for short game, and lose strokes tee to green. Actually I lose strokes tee to green against my current handicap as well (neutral off tee, negative approach).

So considering strokes gained information, I need to work on full swing. Some of the things I want to do to help reach these goals:

  • Improve my practice habits: I practice daily because I love golf, even if it is just holding a club and rehearsing in my living room, but if I am being honest with myself, I don't think I made the most of my often limited time in the last third of 2021. Sometimes due to my own enthusiasm to hit a ball, I have a hard time slowing down enough to effectively work on a change. I often struggle to stay focused on a priority piece because I get distracted with trial and error experimenting. I don't work enough on simple, perishable skills like having a good grip and setup to the ball. For most of 2021, I didn't use video often enough to assist in my practice to makes sure I am doing things the right way. So I plan to recommit to the 5S theory of practice, use video feedback as often as possible, slow down enough to make a change, maintain focus on priority piece, spend time checking on simple things like grip/setup.
  • Record swings to post in my swing thread at least monthly: I am a lifelong procrastinator. I'm the type of person who can take weeks to break down a small cardboard box and toss it in the recycling because why do today what can wait until tomorrow. It is literally a 30 second task to set up my LVP camera or iPhone to record swings, and maybe another 5 minutes to get the video uploaded to YouTube, but I somehow manage to never get around to it. I use my swing thread primarily as a spot to jot down notes from lessons, and various experiences and "a has" that occur to me, but I haven't leveraged the swing knowledge on this site to my advantage. I think having external feedback from the TST will help me identify issues and keep me on track, and maybe introduce me to useful drills/concepts. 
  • Continue taking monthly lessons: In person lessons have made the biggest difference in my golf game. I have gone from handicap in the mid-20s down to around 10, but I feel like recently more time in lesson is spent correcting regression in my swing instead of being able to build upon previous lessons. I attribute this my practice habits, which is why I listed that first in this goal.
  • Get on GEARS: After watching a lot of AMG content last year, I was interested in doing this locally before Erik posted the TST GEARS deal, but I was a bit hesitant because in my area, the cost is $450-500/hour, but then the golf gods blessed me and the TST offer popped up. This is probably the thing I am most excited about in 2022.
  • Look into getting a Mevo+: I really want a tool to visualize ball flight when I practice. I do the best I can with a net and Mevo, but it's not ideal. I almost never spend any time at the driving range, and even though I have a bunch of unused, free practice sessions at my lesson facility with GC4 launch monitors and swing catalyst cameras, the location is a bit inconvenient to get to during the time of day when I am free. So I observe my ball flight trends on the course, and then try to diagnose and correct hitting into a net, which I don't think is the best way to go about it. I've got a collection of valuable items prepped to sell to cover the cost and then some, but I'm a procrastinator, so things I planned to sell several years ago are still in a shelf in the garage.

Goal 2: Eagle a par-5

Didn't get this one last year so carrying over to 2022. Scoring an eagle on a par-5 for me represents the ultimate success in ball striking - good drive, and a good approach, usually with a long iron or hybrid/fairway wood.

That's it. There are a lot of other golf related things I want to do, but I won't call them goals; take a golf trip (looking at Bandon), get a new driver, set up a better practice area, etc.

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My 2022 Golf Goals:

1. Have fun, as always :-)

2. Play at least 5 courses next season (3 last season);

3. Get my first birdie (or better);

4. Break 90... and 80; and

5. Hear three people say "nice shot!" simultaneously. B-)

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...and a lefty L.A.B. B2 putter. :-)




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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Okay, last year's goals were too easy. So, this year I'm going to push myself a little bit more. 

2022 GOALS:

  1. Cut my handicap in half. 
    1. You may think that's impossible. Cutting your handicap in half in one season. To that I say: 
      1. To cut my handicap in half I'd need to get to 9.5.
      2. I've been in single digits at least 2 other times over the last 25 years. 
      3. My last five rounds this season (Didn't count as handicap rounds as they were too late in the year) were 84, 81, 82, 79, and an 84 in really tough conditions. If I translate that to a handicap it would be 12.8, 10, 10.9, 10.7, and 12.8. So, I think getting to 9.5 is an attainable goal. 
  2. Practice Smarter.
    1. I'm putting together a training plan to include 
      1. Committing to the 65/20/15 practice ratios. 
      2. Every practice session has to have a goal. 
      3. Use video at least every other full swing session. 
      4. Specific 5-minute slow-mo mirror work no less than 3 times per week. 
      5. Take an Aim-Point class.



My bag is an ever-changing combination of clubs. 

A mix I am forever tinkering with. 

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1 hour ago, ChetlovesMer said:

You may think that's impossible. Cutting your handicap in half in one season.

I guess this depends. In Michigan you’ll get three months to do it. Here in Florida, 12.😁

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1.  Achieve an average of 9 GIR per round. This will require more time with full swing drills, understanding true carry distances on approaches, etc. 
2. Begin a “My Swing” thread. 
3. Walk at least one 9 hole (min) round per month (did it a couple times least year).  This is more for my foot health as well as personal health. 
4. Participate in the Birdie Challenge, and have at least half the holes at Birdie or better. Have achieved Par, now to step it up a notch. 
5. Play more golf with the wife and grandson.  

Ping G400 SFT 10deg  R flex
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Ping G400 3h and 4h R flex
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Odyssey Versa or White Steel #5
Srixon Q Star

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  • Moderator

My goals are simple: top 5 in every pro-member and top 15 in every bigger   tournament. I haven’t committed to any big events yet but I’ll play in at least 2.

As to how, I’ve always practiced full swing a lot. I need to really focus on short game and make it my strength. Putting has been on the rise finally, so I hope to practice and continue. I want to maintain a +2 or better handicap. I want my tournament only handicap to be +1 or better. I want to record at least 1 no 5s round. 

There’s always been a time every summer when something in the game is lost. I accept it will happen again, I just hope to mentally overcome it faster. 

Philip Kohnken, PGA
Director of Instruction, Lake Padden GC, Bellingham, WA

Srixon/Cleveland Club Fitter; PGA Modern Coach; Certified in Dr Kwon’s Golf Biomechanics Levels 1 & 2; Certified in SAM Putting; Certified in TPI
Team :srixon:!

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. Get into golf shape. My body right now is just acting up like crazy. My left shoulder blade just wants to flare up. My lower back is on and off, mostly good. Still, I want to be in better golf shape. I will do this by sticking to a workout routine. 

2. Just continue to figure out a swing that helps me not have huge misses and solid contact. I will go about this by practicing smartly, and simply. Stay out of the weeds. 

Just keeping it simple for 2022. My putting is good. My shortgame will take a month to hone after winter, it was fine last year. 


Matt Dougherty, P.E.
 fasdfa dfdsaf 

What's in My Bag
Driver; :pxg: 0311 Gen 5,  3-Wood: 
:titleist: 917h3 ,  Hybrid:  :titleist: 915 2-Hybrid,  Irons: Sub 70 TAIII Fordged
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Bag: :ping:

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Officially my handicap is 17 at my home course since I play there rarely and haven't had good tournaments in the last year or two.  However, of late, I have realistically been playing to around 10 to 12.  I want to get my handicap on the board down to low double digits (which means good tournaments and play on the occasions I am at my home course) and realistically play to single digit, which means breaking 80 most of the time.

Of course getting in shape is another goal, so am hoping losing some weight and gaining some muscle will result in better golf shape, though I may need to do golf specific exercises.

I picked up one new (actually used but new for me) club for my bag, a 2 hybrid in 2021.  Am thinking about upgrading my bag in such a way that I play better.  I currently have driver, 2 and 4 hybrid, 5-9, P, S and L.  Not sure whether that means reducing a club or two or increasing a club or two.  Or possibly just refreshing the grooves on my shorter irons, particularly the wedges, so that I can get more bite around the greens.

Playing regularly is another goal and hoping to get in at least 50 rounds this year, which means once a week at least.

What's in the bag

  • Taylor Made r5 dual Draw 9.5* (stiff)
  • Taylor Made Rescue 2H (stiff)
  • Cobra Baffler 4H (stiff)
  • Taylor Made RAC OS 6-9,P,S (regular)
  • Golden Bear LD5.0 60* (regular)
  • Aidia Z-009 Putter
  • Inesis Soft 500 golf ball
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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Here's what I'm looking at for goals in 2022, from most important to least important:

1. Have fun whenever I play golf. 

I think I played about 25 rounds last year. That's less than I would like, and with 2 young kids, I have to be very flexible about when I can play. Golf is supposed to be fun, and if I'm not spending time with my family, I need to be doing something fun. This is the most important thing for me - enjoy it when I get the chance to play.

2. Get handicap into the 5s

This is a more concrete goal. But I want to continue to get better at golf. This is going to break down into a few sub-goals:

  • Do 5 minutes of daily practice every day from January 1 until May 1. 
  • Work on short game and putting at least 50% of the time when I practice.

I think doing those things will help me get there. I need to spend a little more time on golf in the off season. And I need to be more focused on short game and putting when I practice, especially in-season.

3. Have more rounds in the 70s than 80s.

This is a stretch goal. This would mean my handicap is down to the 3-4 range, if not lower. It's a tough goal, but possible. I tend to shoot right around 80 most rounds, probably skewing more towards 81-82 than 79. If I can shave off 1 or 2 strokes a round on average, that would get me into this range.  Of my last 20 rounds (on GHIN), 4 are in the 70s, and 9 are between 80 and 83. This is tough but doable.

-- Daniel

In my bag: :callaway: Big Bertha V Series (11 degrees) :callaway: Epic Flash 3.5W (16 degrees)

:callaway: Rogue Pro 3-PW :edel: SMS Wedges - V-Grind (48, 54, 58):edel: Putter

 :snell: MTB-X :aimpoint:

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

53 minutes ago, CarlSpackler said:

Keeping this very simple.

  1. Get knee surgery in Feb.
  2. Physical therapy
  3. Start playing again

Carl... you've gotta put yourself out there more (like in the past) or you're never going to win the TST PiP.  😁

Edited by Double Mocha Man
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Okay - here goes. 

1. Triple my handicap (currently +0.6, so tripling it would get me to +1.8) - +1.6 so I can say I got to +2 would be a good start

2. Qualify for at least one of the major Met area events (Ike, Met Am, Met Open)

3. Qualify for match play in at least one of the Long Island Amateur and the Richardson Memorial

4. Make the cut in at least one of the Ike, the Met Mid-Am, the LI Mid-Am and the Sarazen

5. Qualify for the LI Open and then make the cut

6. Win at least one round in the match play events in goal 3

7. Win all my matches in the HH

8. Break 70 at least once

9. Be fully committed to every shot I hit - don't hit it without being committed and confident that I have the right plan in place.

10. Serious stretch goal - get a WAGR ranking

All of these really involve playing well at the right times, so to that end - how I plan to do these:

- I'm doing an exercise program with a personal trainer and I got a Stack System for my birthday/christmas this year, so I'm going to use those and attempt to improve my speed

- I'm going to continue work with my coach, which has been fruitful in recent years, so I plan to continue that

- I got myself an aimpoint slope board, which I plan to use to train myself the different slopes in my feet, using that to improve my green reading skills. I think a few minutes a day should be doable and show results

- Continue to look at the hole at least for short putts - I started doing this towards the end of this season (last 3-4 rounds or so) and my short putting was much improved with it. My longer putting suffered somewhat though, so I need to practise this a little and see if I can get better with it and if not then abandon it

That should just about cover it. 

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

On 12/29/2021 at 3:11 PM, Double Mocha Man said:

Carl... you've gotta put yourself out there more (like in the past) or you're never going to win the TST PiP.  😁

WTH is that? 🤷‍♂️

- Shane

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

1. Complete the birdie challenge again on my home course and at least half the holes on my away course.

2. Improve the number of putts per round by 2.  Putt average in 2021 was 29.5.

3. Improve my green in regulations from 2021 at 58%.

4. Hit the range at least 2 times a week, not counting prior to a round. 

5. Have fun every time I play the game.

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1) Completely rebuild my swing 

I have rebuilt the grip, stance, ball location and weight shift in the last month. Now working on the swing path to get it inside out. Yesterday's session was the first where I consistently was swinging under the plane as opposed to ridiculously over the top. Will continue 2-3 trips to driving range mixed with work at home to A) maintain the adjustments I have made and B) modify the path.

2) Achieve the no-6s challenge

Came soooo close this year. At my Handicap a 6 is okay for the challenge on par 5 and 17 of 18 holes I achieved it...just the one triple on hole 4 which hurt even worse as the drive was perfect and the only time I hit fat in the three rounds was that next stroke which led to a triple after it got stuck in a place I could not get a full club to the ball. To get there I need to really make sure my swing is repeatable which takes me back to #1, ensuring my swing is one I understand so I know how to adjust as needed.

3) Break 80 again

Done so twice, once on a cheesy 5032 track that I don't count and a 79 at Quail Valley that I very much do...had a chance Missed by 4 strokes and left easily that many on the course with shots I should have been practicing more. To get there I need to avoid the blow-up hole and not have those "this shot led to three" mistakes...at my skill level, a bad shot is going to happen, need to minimize them. Have my swing grooved enough that I am on or close to green in regulation. 

4) Show improvement in strokes gained

For 2021 my Tee Shots were -.50, Approach -.35, short game -.49 and putting -.03...if I achieve #1 that will take care of the tee shot and approach, and using the 65/35/10 approach should direct me towards the proper areas for improvement.

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    • Yes.  We did best points net two- man teams, but only overall IIRC at Beaver Creek. 80% handicap. And top three individual nets got a little something.  Yes, that's it. The three individual competitions - front, back and overall are great for big groups.  The $25 set up sounds like a winner as long as no one has a strong aversion to it. 
    • Day 4: Did my usual slow motion swings. Still working on being lateral with the hips and not letting my hips come towards the ball or get to far behind me.    Also started to work on some putting. Just swinging from coin to coin. New concept as I always tried to accelerate through the putt. Probably why I sucked at lag putting. 
    • You could take it a step farther and… write it down, and then tape it to your shaft beneath your grip. Like… this: Chapter 7, Page 37.
    • “Don’t hit 80 yards. Swing 9 o’clock” - is what my golf coach told me, when I was choosing between my wedges (PW, GP, …). Now I have a printed card where I write the average distance of every wedge that I hit with a 9 o’clock backswing motion. Before: When my distance to the green was around 40 to 120 yards, I would choose the club that would go that distance with either a full swing or a ‘not full swing’. I thought I had a good feeling for the distance and I’d swing according to that distance (sometimes a full swing with a 60 degree lob wedge to reach 100 to 110 yards). After: Now I know how far each wedge goes with a nine o’clock backswing and I systematically dial it up or down by increments of e.g. 5 degrees depending on the distance. Outcome: - My distance control has significantly improved: I am rarely short or long over the green - GIR percentage improved - Consequently, my putting percentage improved. I rarely have three putts thanks to the proximity of my shots near the pin - Now I rarely do a full swing with my wedges; that helps with more consistent shots and has the benefit of less air-time / wind impact For example: Before I would full swing my GW for 120 yard shots and now I go a club up and use my PW with a relaxed 9 o’clock shot to more accurately reach that distance.
    • Was in the shop yesterday and found these balls tucked away.  A good friend’s father-in-law used to play these (literally - they were his practice balls).  Makes me wonder if the “fear” of the ball roll back will amount to something like these. The sport and its members pro and amateur alike will learn to adapt….

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