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What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

Note: This thread is 954 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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Like our 2008 , 2009 , 2010 , 2011 , 2012 , 2013 2014, 20152016, and 2017 threads, here's the official thread for 2017.

The rules are the same as they've been:

  1. Post your goals personal golf-related goals for 2018. Be specific and thorough.
  2. Elaborate on how you'll go about achieving these goals. Details, people! :-)
  3. Post just once, though if you reach all of your goals, you should quote your post and revise them later in the year. And set harder goals next year.
  4. Keep the replies to a minimum. This thread is mostly for the posting of goals. If you want to encourage more discussion of your goals, post a copy of them in your Member Swing thread.

If you're looking to recap your 2017 goals, that's over here in this topic.

Let's hear 'em!

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I've never in my life seriously played before and I'm 46 years old. Here are my goals for this year.. 1) Get fitted for new clubs (I'm rocking ancient hand me down clubs) 2) Take lessons

As a new golfer my goal is to learn how to swing my clubs properly. Just got a set of clubs and played recently and I think I’m better off at the driving range for a week to get my swing corrected bef

My goal is pretty much the same as last year. Just being able to continue to get out there, and  play a decent game. Hopefully break 80 a few times, with the majority of my rounds in the mid to low 80s. Some rounds is 90s will also be acceptable........in poorer playing conditions. 

To make my goal happen, I will continue to stay in golf shape physically, and mentally by exercise, golf practice, and playing 18 holes a minimum of twice a week. 3 times a week will happen too on occasions.

 Deterioration in my game is taking place. All I can really hope for, is to keep that deterioration down to a minimum. 

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My biggest goal for 2018 is to compete in one our local golf association events (Erie District Golf Association) - each year I debate entering and have yet to do so. I'm quite certain I won't win, but eager enough for some competition outside of my club and think this would help motivate me for some extra practice time. I'd like to lower the handicap - lowered two shots this year, going another shot down would be fine.

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my goal is to shave 9 points off my score by hitting fewer putts and being more efficient from 40 yards and in.

Last year I concentrated on drives and fairway woods and improved my game there but I neglected my iron play.

Today I got fitted for (and ordered) a new set of irons and that will be my focus over the winter 'off season'. I have already seen improvement in my putting compared to a year ago (when I retired and was able to practice more).


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My 2018 goals for golf are as follows:

  • Keep my back healthy by continuing to perform strengthening exercises
  • Improve the accuracy of my short irons and wedges by eliminating my many fat shots and practicing on grass ranges without a mat
  • Practice more than once per week by stopping at the range on the way home from work for 20-30 minutes
  • Play at least 25 18 hole rounds and have the ability to post at least 15 of them which may require traveling farther than my home course to play with friends and relatives - this will be the most challenging goal since my window for golf is limited
  • Lower my 17.5 handicap by one full point
  • Semi or fully retire Fall of 2018 so I can have grander expectations for 2019 
  • Play more than four times with my grandson - his schedule is worse than mine with baseball, soccer, and school activities
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1. Re-enlist in the handicap system, and get below 11. My last official was 14.9, and that is about where I am. I have been out a couple years. I think that is a reasonable goal. Strategies to do this: eliminate blow up holes, work on lag putting, and be 90% or better on 3 footers.

2. Read LSW.

3. I guess related to #1, but complete no sixes challenge.

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-  I finally got the Game Golf device so I want to post at least 30 18 hole rounds next year on that to get some good data going since I'm terrible at keeping stats
-  I want to get my handicap down to a +2.0 and my tournament handicap to a 0 (I did not meet that goal for 2017, so I want to try again)
-  Related somewhat to handicap, I want to lower my average score (on the GHIN) to 72.

The first one is achievable by being diligent about recording my rounds.  The other goals are achievable by finding a routine that allows me to get into a tournament mindset even in recreational rounds.  I need to be more consistent in my pre-shot routine and my swing thoughts.  I also need to make sure I hit the practice range and practice green before my rounds, so I don't take the 3 to 4 holes to warm-up and get the green speed down.

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Based on the fact that I never had a round in 2017 that didn't include a 6 (or higher!) I would have to say I need to work on improving my ball contact. The shots that go the proper distance but are left or right I can still recover from. The tops, chunks and skulls have to be severely reduced! I sometimes try to do too much and almost always end up with a double or triple bogey. The sooner I get this into my head before I hit the shot, the better off I'll be.

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Well, started taking the game seriously last five months.

Best score on an 18 so far has been 105, so a lot of work.

Goals for 2018.

1.      Break 100

2.      Already taken some lessons – need to practice, and learn course management.

3.      Get a Handicap, most likely now am 35 or 36, but need to target a Handicap of 20 by end of 2018.

4.      Improve my short game. 90% straight and reasonably long drives – but mess up either the second short, putting or bunkers.

5.      Become more consistent. Sometimes I play really well in Bunkers, sometimes my pitching wedge works really well – but one thing always goes wrong.

The Gods have seemed to be against me. Played two pars in a nine hole, two bogeys – and then the next hole I was on 9. This was on a day I seemed destined to break 50 on a nine hole.

 On a three par I am able to get the green in one shot, the 4 putts!

 6.      Take tailored lessons, but really need more practice.

7.      Learn patience and not putting myself under pressure – especially when playing with my bosses.

8.       If I manage to get my handicap low, participate in Club Competitions.

9.      Practice, and Practice more.

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I'm not going to have the same time to devote to golf for 2018 than I have the last 2 years. Therefore my goals are more limited than previous years.

1) Develop a repeatable chipping technique based on a lesson dedicated to short game, as chipping remains a glaring weakness.
2) Get a new teacher (my old teacher moved interstate) and have 2 lessons.
3) Play 18 competitive rounds in my club's weekly comp, one of these under 80.
4) Keep my handicap under 16 (from 14.5)

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Since I am new to golf my goals are modest.

1) Attend Monday open lessons at least once a month.

2) Attend She Caddie events at least twice a month.

3) Driving range at least once a week.

4) Play at least 9 holes twice a month 

5) Stretching and off course drills daily


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Goals for the year:

1. Shoot a round in the 70s.  Currently a 15.3 h'cap and hoping to eventually get it to single figures.  Feel best way is to set smaller targets, so a 79 at my local course is first up.

2. Shallow my downswing.  Something I have been working on for the last month or so and still cannot master.

3. Play a "bucket-list" course.  Played St Andrews Old and Carnoustie in 2017, hopefully Cruden Bay or Kingsbarns 2018.

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  1. Break into and maintain single digit handicap
    1. Increase swing speed (using SuperSpeed system)
    2. Increase AoA and launch angle with driver
    3. Be more aware of and apply LSW principles into each round
    4. Increase scrambling % by 10-15%
    5. Putts per round average under 30
  2. Compete in my first/multiple tournaments
    1. Will join and play a couple events on the GolfWeek AM tour local to me
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I'm actually going to try to just enjoy playing more and not worry so much about how I am scoring. I recently joined a country club and have met a few guys who actually just go out and play for the sake of getting out and having some fun. The ironic thing is that all of us usually are right around par (some lower and some higher). We put a little $ down for some incentive but not really all that much. I'm trying to not get so mad if I make a bad swing and change my attitude on the course. Frankly I don't have a plan. I'm just going to try to enjoy the round. We'll see how it goes. I would also like to putt a little more consistently. I am going to work on smoothing out my stroke and getting (and keeping) some kind of routine.  

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I want to go more specific this year compared to last year, so all quantifiable.

  1. Get the handicap to 10.5 - currently 11.1. I'd be happy with anything below 11, but playing off single figures is my ultimate goal. To do this, I need to:
    • play more qualifying rounds and get used to being below handicap
    • keep working with evolvr - I will aim to make the most of it this year and target at least two submissions per month; one long game and one other (at the moment, putting)
    • cut out penalty strokes (almost) entirely.
  2. Improve game using the Mevo, when it arrives
    • Whether realistic or not, I want to be able to hit any yardage between 0-100 yards to within 5 yards consistently (barring poor strikes) using partial swings
    • Keep tracking launch angle with driver to optimise carry.
  3. Break par in a round (closest is +1 over 18 holes)
  4. Make sure that friends from home enjoy our first golf break enough for us to organise another one!

Might try to add some more over the course of the year, but these are the ones that spring to mind.

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Okay here we go:

1. Mount a successful defense of my old boys tournament in April. We won it this year for the first time since 2000 and second time ever. Would be nice to win it again. I’m captain. 

2. Qualify for the MGA Mid-Am. It’s at Maidstone next year and I’d love to play in it. To do so I have to qualify for one of the Ike, the Met Am and the Met Open, so those too. 

3. Shoot a round under par. At least one. Ideally many more. 

4. Work on my wedge game with my mevo. I plan to learn how far I hit it with different clubs and different swings then use that to improve my scoring. 

5. Continue to work on my putting stroke. Two main keys. One is to work on keeping my throughswing no longer than my backswing. The other is to make sure my shoulders and arms are square so I stop cutting across it with an open face. Those two together will help with my distance control. 

6. Get some points in the Long Island POTY rankings. This one will come with the work on my game I want to do and a little more self belief. I’m better than I was two years ago but my scores aren’t really showing it. 

7. Continue working on my long game and try to get my arms and body to work in sync. 

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Some of this stuff I've mentioned in my swing thread, but here are my 2018 goals:

  1. Single digit handicap. Continue to improve my swing and overall game, also involves goals #2 & 3. Use the Mevo to dial in my Shot Zones (distance-wise) to improve my play on the course. Improve my driving and reduce the lateral dispersion of my tee shots.
  2. Remove short game as a glaring weakness. Use the Mevo to dial in partial wedge distances and hit more greens from 120 yards and in. Bonus points for new wedges, but I want Edel and I can't find a fitter near me who will fit on grass. Spend extra time after rounds on the practice green to work on either putting or short game every week, targeting individual skills.
  3. Remove my putting as a glaring weakness. I took a step late this year towards this by getting an Edel putter and was basically given a putting lesson during my fitting, so I will continue to work on the changes I was taught. Spend some extra time after rounds on the practice green to work on either putting or short game every week, targeting individual skills.
  4. Improve GIR% to 40% or better. I'll use Game Golf to track my data as usual, going to base it on last 10 or last 15 rounds when the season is over because I typically play better as the season progresses. Related to goals #1 & 2. I'm including this as a separate goal because I'll consider it a success if I don't achieve #1 but manage to achieve this.
  5. Reduce Putts/Hole to 1.8. Again, using Game Golf to track. Related to #2 & 3, but not quite either so I'll list this separately.
  6. Play at least 20 rounds. Have to play. I managed this last year, but kids are getting older and involved in more activities now.
  7. Play in a TST Outing. It doesn't have to be an official outing, but a round of golf with at least two other people from here. Always a good time to play golf fellow Sandtrappers.
  8. Complete more Awards and Challenges. I'm looking at you, Flop Shot Challenge. And Break 80! That should be its own goal.
  9. Break 80. :-P

Holy crap that's a lot of goals. Well you know what they say, if you cast a wide enough net...

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Note: This thread is 954 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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    • Oh pretty! Seems like in prime shape from a 1000 ft.
    • Yup. I lay my hat down next to it.
    • Seems fine. I feel like having played at RNK last year, a little rain isn’t going to bother me.
    • "Anyone who drives faster than you is a maniac! Anyone who drives slower than you is an idiot! - George Carlin" Thanks for the Saturday morning laugh, boogielicious. My old golf partner George Zakarian, may he rest in peace, once told a group of officers at the Fort Eustis golf course, "We may suck, but we suck fast."  Zak and I used to play 18 holes at Norwich Golf Course in Connecticut in two hours, with a cart.  (The 1980's.)
    • Day 5 (12 Jun 21) - Pitch shot work w/9i in the backyard.  Worked on takeaway / follow-thru mechanics, focused on coming straight back with in to out downswing.  Started out with most shots to the right of target and finishing the session with the ball crisp off the club on line or just left of the target.  Finished the drill using 5 different balls just to see how they acted: old “wound” Spalding TopFlite (very soft feeling); a couple of different model modern TopFlites (very clicky off the face); MaxFli (similar to the TopFlites) and a ProV1 (very similar to the wound ball in feel).  Doesn’t mean anything - just fun to hit. 
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