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Favorite Thing about This Time of Year

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Lengthening days.  They're finally long enough I can leave work @ 4:45 and walk 4-5 holes.  But the big one:  come Sunday morning -- start of Daylight Savings!!  Then, at least 12-13 holes after work,

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2 hours ago, billchao said:


It's not just a wintertime food, but most people in my family don't want to have hot soupy deliciousness when the weather is warm. Weirdos.

Wow that looks great.   

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I live mostly in the hills here in AZ, ~7400' ASL.  In my opinion late summer and early fall are the best times of year here.  Most the summer tourists are gone, weather is still warm (50s lows, 70s highs), monsoon is over and the course is drying & humidity is low, lots of sunshine, and fall colors are beginning to appear in the high country.  The only thing not to like is Winter isn't far away. 🙄

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Driving with the family over to the Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin festival. On the way back stopping at Lemos farm and letting the kids pick out the biggest pumpkin they can carry and we decorate that night. That's our official start of the Holiday season. Along with Pumpkin Ale for the grownups. 🙂

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It rains every day, it's ridiculously hot and humid, it's hurricane season.  There are no redeeming qualities to this time of the year in the Orlando area.  That said, we're roughly 30 - 45 days away from 5 months of amazingly perfect weather.

I miss this time of year in Colorado - fall weather and the changing of the season / fall colors.  My favorite time of the year there.

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Cooler weather suits me just fine. Waking up to 70 degree days instead of 90-100s is kind of cool. Plenty of time now for some maintenance issues on our vehicles, and rv. 

I also get to play fantasy football, and bet on nfl games. I am in 4 leagues right now. 

Golf wise, for the next 3-4 months, I will be able to golf anytime of day I feel like. No high temp worries. There will also be a road trip or three some where. 

Just an easy time of year. 

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Peppermint Mocha coffee.

Golf related... Being in the Northeast, getting to work on a couple things without worrying about playing and posting a score.  It's all just practice and reps now.

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30 minutes ago, Vinsk said:

I like Christmas here because it’s 73 degrees outside. 

I hate Christmas and I hate you.





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    • Thanks for clearing that up -- it's very reassuring.  I guess I've always used it like a Classic.  Which I'm fine with:  tag during the round, upload later, fix mis-tags etc, then get stats are the only features I've wanted.  I also had the "I thought that round vanished" thing happen a few months ago, and a few popped up, which was nice.  Maybe that will happen with these.
    • Day 574 - July 24, 2021 Played 9 at “The Ridge” with Nat and Brooke.
    • You can use it like Classic and upload via your phone after, but the “Live” part means you can use it live while you play on your phone. That’s not what I’ve said. If the rounds upload successfully they’re removed from the device. But they aren’t always  actually uploaded. Then again, I thought rounds were lost before and they appeared. That’s just “Classic” and you were notified years ago (like four or five) that using newer OSes and the Transfer app was being discontinued. Had you told them about your trip to SV and they just didn’t get it going in time for that, or were they unaware? It’d have been nice to use it there.
    • Day 109 (7/24/21) - Decided that I needed to review the 30-day Covid drills, so I started at the beginning with Day-1 - Early backswing. Did the left and right hand drills then added the pivot to A2, chipping a tennis ball in the yard for about 20-minutes using my 7-iron and 7-wood. When chipping the ball with this drill, I focused making a good turn thru the ball and making sure that my low point was in front of the ball. 
    • You can read my impressions so far here: If I had to make a recommendation right now, I'd say don't do it.  However, I've been in contact with the GG people, and they're trying to improve the performance.  I'd love for it to work, and I'm more than willing to do my part, all we can do is wait to see how it turns out.  
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