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2020-21 TST Fantasy Golf

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Who is up for some Fantasy Golf?

The 2020-21 season already starts this Thursday with the Safeway Open.

Many of The Sand Trap members have been partaking in Fantasy Golf for over a decade now, and we welcome all TST members to join our robust league. In the past, we have played ESPN, then Yahoo, and The Golf Channel fantasy leagues, and have used the PGA Tour Fantasy site since last season; it is fun, engaging, and does not take a lot of time, and from my experience, keeps me more interested in the PGA Tour throughout the season. And TST League is always one of the more competitive out there.

Essentially, you have to pick six players per week, and have 4 starters and 2 on the bench; the bench is there to sub in in case of missed cut etc....the catch is the season is divided into 4 Segments, and you only get to use a player 3 times per segment, so some roster management is needed. For example, even if you only put a player in your roster for a single round, it uses up one of the 3 starts for that player for the segment. Points are awarded in each round for each player for a multitude of factors (see link to the rules at the end of this post). 

To join, you must first go to https://www.pgatour.com/fantasy.html and create a Team.

Once you have done this, you go to the fantasy golf to the right tab, and choose the red "Fantasy Golf". Then,  you can join the TST Fantasy Golf league by following these steps:

Join my league in PGA TOUR Fantasy #PGATOURfantasy Golf 

League URL: https://fantasygolf.pgatour.com/api/v6/pgaroster/og/object/leagues/id/22988

League Name: TST Fantasy Golf

The password is: thesandtrap
When you sign up, I so highly recommend that you sign up for the roster alerts, which lets you know if you have not filled your roster before the deadline, and then also alerts you if a player has missed a cut, WD etc. If you miss a week, you can still play along, but it is hard to catch up.

Description: PGA TOUR Fantasy allows you to show off your knowledge of the sport by picking a team of 6 PGA TOUR Professionals (4 Starters, 2 Bench). Scoring is live and exclusive using PGA TOUR Shotlink and based on player performance on the course. Play with your friends in a private group or test your skills in one of our public groups. Whether you want to play for prizes, glory or bragging rights PGA TOUR Fantasy is the only live fantasy game where the outcome of each shot matters.

Official Rules: https://fantasygolf.pgatour.com/#/roster/rules 

 @Club Rat @Aces Wild @Warren Zevon @mildee @Northwoods88 @coachjimsc @Wally Fairway @Shindig @boogielicious @Bill Fusion @golfguide @DaveP043 @Alanpe @djfajt71 @bruce  @Antneye @smdillon @Ballgame59 @vijofrech 

If you are already a member of the League from last year, no need to join again....just set your roster and our League stays there....I have tagged everyone here who was in last year, or posted in the previous threads and showed some interest. Spread the word and invite other TST members and see if we can get our numbers up.

Good luck to all. 

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  • iacas pinned this topic

I just checked and still not able to see the Safeway Open in the tournament pull down menu....hopefully it happens later today. Keep checking. PGA Tour does not always make this easy! Whenever someone sees it there, drop a post for the rest of us.

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4 hours ago, gogolfing said:

I just checked and still not able to see the Safeway Open in the tournament pull down menu....hopefully it happens later today. Keep checking. PGA Tour does not always make this easy! Whenever someone sees it there, drop a post for the rest of us.

Safeway Open is now available, so you can pick your players (it is usually right around noon - Eastern) 

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3 hours ago, Club Rat said:


Jeez, these early events have sooo many unknowns !!!
It's a Crap Shoot for picks ....  :whistle:

  And a lot of familiar names that you recognize, yet wouldn't choose.  I'm looking at you, Hunter Mahan.

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I've tried, I have created a team but it will not let me select a roster.  Most likely because I am late for this tournament.  Hopefully I can get in for next week.

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9 hours ago, Shindig said:

Ugh, just realized today's Thursday and I missed signing up.  Can I get in starting week 2?  I realize I'm at a disadvantage but I'll be in practice for swing 2.

Yes, anyone can get in starting at anytime...and the season is divided into 4 segments, so missing a week hurts the season race, but can still compete for the other segments....I know Rays Creek missed a week last season and still finished 3rd overall in TST League so still possible. Jump on in!

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    • Are you asking me to post a video of me swinging a golf club to the internet? That's almost as bad as asking me to post a nude! Its ugly. 0% graceful. Due to years of lifting heavy in the gym I lack flexibility big time. When Koepka was still on top the commentators were man-crushing him, going on about his 225lbs max bench press. I ventured into my shed the other day and cranked out 6 after not touching a weight for two and half years. At peak 3 years ago I think I did that weight for 21 or 22 reps. At 36 years of age I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back. So besides my gut and wee love handles i do not possess the ideal golfer's body. My lack of flexibility was so bad when I started playing that I tore the cartilage in my ribcage by the second or third month. Anyway, when I had improved to some degree I filmed my swing to see how much shaft lean I was applying to wedges and was pretty disgusted with what I saw. Not the lack of shaft lean, i fixed that within days. It's just one ugly swing. When I saw the head of my 7 iron in my peripheral at the end of my backswing for the first time I filmed it again. Nope, still ugly. Big gains on range of motion, 0% gain to gracefulness. In short, the day someone puts a video of my swing next to a video of Hogan, or Snead, commenting on the fluid artful way I swing the club is going to be the day pigs fly and the sun comes up backwards. That being said, I can get the club head moving pretty fast. Faster than most. I even hit the fairway sometimes. Before 2020 got pooped on I was going to the PGA store a few times a week. I've hit on all their equipment. 3track, gc2, and GCquad. I average 115mph club speed, up to the lower 120s when I really swing for the fence. And I'm only 5' 10" so it's not like I have really long levers. I was feeling pretty good about that until Dechambeau started swinging it 137. Oh yeah, he just about hit 150 the other day...
    • Come on Mother, give me one unseasonably warm day. Gawd.
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