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Do You Play the Correct Tees?

Correct Tees?  

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  1. 1. Per the chart in the first post, do you typically play the "correct tees" for your driver carry yardage?

    • Yes, I do.
    • No, I play shorter tees.
    • No, I play longer tees.
  2. 2. In your estimation, what percentage of golfers play tees too long for them?

    • 0-15%
    • 16-30%
    • 31-50%
    • 51-70%
    • 71-85%
    • 86-100%

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I usually play 6300 to 6700, sometimes I will play closer to 6000 and leave the driver at home.  Good way to mix it up and hit some different clubs.

Sunday I played as a single and got paired up with 3 guys who thought they were a lot better than they are so they played the tips at 7000 yards.  A few of the par 4s are over 450 yards and they were lucky to get their drives out to 225.  I doubt any of them broke 95 it was moronic. 

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I should play from 5,600 to 6,000. My local courses are within that range, but on longer courses I'll play the white tees which may be >6,200. I just don't have the distance to try to play any longer. Too many holes with driver, 4 wood, 6 iron just to get on or near to the green.

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I voted YES and 70 to 85 percent.  My home course is relatively short and with the exception of two holes, both par 4 of 460 and 495 yards, I very rarely struggle to each the green in regulation, distance wise.  It is another factor that I might not hit it straight, but I am able to hit greens in regulation when I get my shots straight.

Personally, I believe that most amateur golfers are playing tees too long for them out of ego.  When I play longer courses I avoid the championship tees and move one up.  But then again, I can hit my driver around 250 now and when playing regularly, 270 to 280 is the norm.

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