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Wow, the future of autos is incredible.
Not sure if there any threads about "Dream Cars"
Show Me Your Dream Car ....  :-) 

ES8 EV.jpg

EP9 EV.jpg

Chinese electric vehicle maker NIO more concerned with user experience than rival Tesla.
Striking though it may be, the appeal of the car is more than just looks.
That's according to NIO’s VP of User Development, Izzy Zhu, who sat down with TechNode's Wang Ping to talk about the role that user experience plays at the company and in its products.
Zhu explained that the traditional car industry sales model is distributor centric since carmakers don't have a direct relationship with customers.
Taking a different approach, NIO has reined in most, if not all, of the functions that distributors used to perform.
That ranges from sales to the long-term maintenance of vehicles.

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Mine's kind of a weird pick, and definitely not the "future" of autos, but my favorite car has always been the Lamborghini Countach:


I tend not to lust all that much over current supercars, but I do like some of the more extreme ones - Bugatti Chiron, McLaren P1, Porsche 911, Corvette. 

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My dream is not to have to drive. Ever. The American iconography of driving top down on a country road, music playing, trophy wife with her hair in a handkerchief, has lost its luster for me. But if the roads are clear, I'm not choosey. Any of the above will do. :-D

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Seeing as this is quickly becoming automotive pornography i'll add mine:

Everyday driver dream car: Lancia Delta Integrale Evo


Weekend driver: Mclaren F1LM


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Another new ride from Steve Saleen. My, how the O'l Mustang has blossomed into a beautiful ride.

Saleen Mustang.jpg

Saleen Automotive is back with a new supercar, the Saleen 1 or S1, that he's showing off Thursday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


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This limited production model celebrates the launch of the Lucid Air — and the start of the Lucid vision for advancing the state-of-the-art in EVs



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My five car dream garage is a Nissan Skyline, Mitsubishi Evo, Subaru WRX STi, M3 and Porsche 911.  Over and above these I would like to have an S-class and if an off roader is needed a Toyota Landcruiser.

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I'll take one of these for my garage, except there isn't room (because of my kid who put all his power tools in there).  Thing's a classic!  And the filler cap for the gas tank is located under the left rear taillight.  If you go to a car show and see one of these act like you know that...


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RWB built Porsche is definitely up there. McLaren F1 will always be tops, but is the definition of unobtainable, and if I were to wreck it I wouldn't be able to live with myself.

Here is an over-the-top video about an over-the-top tuner.

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    • Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkk the Blackhawks, man. 'It was no longer my word against everybody else's...' Kyle Beach, who is John Doe in the Chicago Blackhawks sexual assault investigation, talks to Rick Westhead about how his NHL experience 'changed forever' after his ordeal with former video coach Brad Aldrich...  
    • Interesting.  Thanks. Makes sense to allow that but I tend to think its silly to have a different rule for net events.  The +2 who wins the gross division can collect money and remain an amateur but the +10 who wins the net division is now considered a professional?  I doubt it will negatively effect many people, just seems odd to me.  
    • Day 89: Yard was dry enough for outdoor practice. Hit some balls with full swing, didn't really focus on a particular element of the swing, I just wanted to get some information/observations to take to my lesson tomorrow. Took note of start line, launch angle, and also some feel related things like balance, recentering, hip/shoulder turn. Mostly starting the ball straight or a bit right, which works okay with my normal ball flight (draw). Launch is a bit high, I suspect I need to continue working on clubface control, but I will get more info on this from lesson. Still suffer from a periodic low pull (maybe 1 out of every 5-7 shots), which I know based on my previous experience, is an unplayable pull-hook. If I could somehow hit the same pull with a slightly open clubface, maybe it would be workable ball flight, but right now, it's really costly on the course, and the main thing I want to work out tomorrow.
    • I did my B workout today. More of the same, but obviously different things. I've used rubber bands instead of medicine balls so far.
    • Closer to Colorado where you hated the winters... 😄
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