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34 minutes ago, snapfade said:

And maybe @Vinsk can offer his thoughts, but maybe we will see more online consultations with doctors for routine things. 

I think this will definitely bring more awareness to telemedicine. Technology will improve as to being able to do more thorough assessments via telecommunication. 

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11 hours ago, iacas said:


I wonder how the charities the PGA Tour donates to each week are making out.

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On 3/30/2020 at 9:21 AM, boogielicious said:

I still have a crush on Elizabeth Montgomery!

Dude, I can’t remember her ever being “not hot” either!!

Mass shootings are down.

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Crime is down, in general.  The website in my city that provides jail bookings is down to about 3 or 4 per day, from the usual 15-20.  I guess even criminals are staying in place.  These are interesting times.

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For me, working from home has been great.  No commute obviously, not that mine was so long before, but zero minutes beats 30.  And instead of walking to the gas station and getting a snack when it’s time for a break, I go outside and play some street hockey with the kids.

And we are being better with our food too.  

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On 3/30/2020 at 7:35 PM, dennyjones said:

What recipes?   Always looking for anything quick and easy.    

We did curbside grocery pickup for the first time too!    I'm becoming an older millennial!


One was Orange Chicken and another was stuffed bell peppers. I'll have to ask my wife where she found them but it was online from the same source I believe.

We've been using it a lot, and the crock pot as well. Make big meals and have plenty of leftovers. Made Italian beef in the crock pot today. I might have grabbed a different chuck roast had I been in the store myself but with this pickup thing you have to just go with the flow. Those kids at the store are doing yeoman's work.

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We haven't eaten out as much (had gotten into a bad habit) and saved that money. People are hopefully getting into a better habit of washing their hands...lol (we will find out once the restaurants open back up). My 401k should be even better when the stock prices come back seeing as how I am buying more for the same money now.

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Personally, it is a massive thing I've been able to continue to work. Other than that it gets thinner fast.

I guess not having hockey means going to bed earlier than I would otherwise, so I'm better rested.



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I think that our standards for cleaning and sanitizing in all work environments will be permanently changed. Hopefully we will build new habits of washing our hands thoroughly and coughing/sneezing into our arms instead of our hands. We will also start implementing more touch free technology (automatic doors, hand dryers, etc.). All of this will help prevent the spread of cold, flu and other germs in the future. Handshakes will become a thing of the past.


Finally, there has been some funny 💩 posted as people have WAY too much time one their hands.


Thankfully, my wife is a seashell hoarder. Anyone know how to use them?

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    • I wouldn’t worry about this. I’ve had one set, 50, 54, 58 for several years with lots of practice and the milling is still fine. I bought these used too. These are 304 stainless steel and are pretty hard from a durometer standpoint. Chrome plated steel ranges between 66 - 70 Rockwell and 304 Stainless is 79, I looked at several sources. So 304 is more scratch and wear resistant.
    • I would like to add one more item of importance(maybe).    I went back and re-watched the incident. For whatever reason I thought he blurted out that slur at the time of the putt. He did not.    He walked to his next putt and as the commentator was speaking he said it right before his next putt. The context has most certainly changed.   Very strange way to express frustration in the context of how it actually played out.           
    • They made a decision based on their business model. While I certainly am no fan of the cancel culture. I totally understand Ralph Lauren's move here. Businesses need to do what's best for business and in this case I think they got it right.  My question here is more about what was JT thinking? You have to know that in this day and age everything you do or say will likely end up being recorded. Some may argue that Justin is used to the fan noise drowning out his outbursts. To which I say this is NOT the first tournament he's played under these conditions. Others will say, he deserves a pass. He apologized. To that I say I forgive him. Others will too, in time. Never-the-less, he should have known better. Its a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes. He'll pay for this mistake. I've paid for many mistakes I've made as well. There are mistakes you can get away with. There are mistakes that are going to cost you.  I still believe he must use the word in his "real life" to have it slip out. (Top of mind.) I can't prove that of course. And I could be wrong of course. But I think with most people, myself included. There would be a hundred other expletives I would use before I ever got to that one. 
    • @iacas thoughts on the Knit II?     Very comfortable shoe but, I am not a favor of the high back. It will take my lower ankle time to adjust. I am not sure I would wear them golfing or at least not 18.    Overall super comfortable and good looking. I just don’t like the higher back as it can irritate the back of my ankles if wearing low socks.     The Original still is the Champ in my eyes. 
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