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Pre-Round Routine

Pre-round routine  

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  1. 1. How much time to you spend in the practice area (range, chipping, putting, etc.) before teeing off?

    • Walk straight to the first tee (maybe some stretching, warm-up swings)
    • Under 10 minutes
    • 10-20 minutes
    • 20-30 minutes
    • Over 30 minutes

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I probably spend 20 minutes or a little more most days.  First some stretching to start to loosen things up.  Then some short irons, slow or partial swings first, progressing to full swings.  Next a mid-iron, progressing from easy effort to proper full swings.  Maybe 5 or 6 drivers.  Then back down, a few mid-irons, a few short irons.  To the putting green, mostly 20 to 30 footers feeling for speed, alternating with a few 4 to 6 footers to practice hitting my line.  Back to the range, a couple more drivers (or whatever I'm swing on the first tee), and off to the course.  

For a competition, I'll typically arrive a bit earlier, start with a few putts, then a few chips, and then into the same basic sequence as I outlined above.  If I'm not at my home course, I'll spend more time chipping to watch the behavior of the ball when it lands, and more time with longer putts to get adjusted for the speed.

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I might do that anyways, so not a big deal to get stressed out about a double bogey. I am not a fan of allowing 5% of the round to dictate my entire round. 

I am going to say 10-20 minutes but it's more complicated than that.  Most days I do a 30 minute stretching routine whether I'm playing or not.  So assuming my stretching is reasonably close to my tee

I always try to get to the clubhouse about an hour before tee time. By the time I get through all the 'hi, how are ya' people, I've lost 15 minutes. Then it's to the driving range, for a medium bucket

I take around 10-15 minutes. I stretch a little then go to the short game area and hit wedges for a few minutes to get a rhythm. Then I go over to the regular range and hit some seven irons and 5-6 drives. the putting green is right next to the first tee and all I really try to gauge there is the speed that day. Works for me. 

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Changed a bit since I have gotten older.  If I have the first tee time at 6:15 AM, i just go hit one from the tee box and play it.  If I play a little later, I generally hit 10 to 15 balls.  5 wedge, 5 with 7i, and 2 to 5 with driver.  I like to putt on the practice green for 5 to 10 minutes if I can.  That's it...

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It’s funny cause this is the year I’m starting to get older and wiser (turn 36 next week...age is relative) and stopped doing full range sessions for like an hour before play. Hit just enough shots to get comfortable and see what shot shape I brought that day and then 5-10 minutes putting to figure out speed and hit a few 5 footers to gain confidence.

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Get there 30  min. early  -- set my stuff up swing the iron with a swing sock  -- putt a few mins.  -- swing the iron some more -- chip a little -- swing the iron  -- tee off..........  

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Arthritis has started limiting how many times I can strike the ball and still enjoy playing.  So I go through a stretching routine that takes about 30 minutes (used to do that at the Clubhouse, which is now mostly closed); about 15 minutes of putting to see how the greens are rolling that day. I usually carry a SKLZ Gold weighted club to swing a few times on the first tee. If I’m just walking nine, I’ll just go to the first tee, swing the weighted stick a few times and go.  

A couple of years ago I alternated no preparation (besides stretching) and a full 60 minute routine out of curiosity. There was no correlation between between how I prepared and how I scored. 

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The most important thing to me is to get a feel for the putting speed that day.  Unfortunately, lately a lot of courses I play these days don't have open putting greens :-( 

If I can, 20 minutes or so at the range (when I play with friends at an LA City course, we'll often split a 30-ball bucket), a few minutes chipping, and then 10 minutes getting a feel for the speed (4, 7, 10 step putts, plus some short ones).

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    • Day 506 - May 17, 2021 Hit balls (including one ball into the parking lot) from the back of the range at Whispering Woods today. Didn't quite have the same feel as the other day, but… it's close.
    • So I was helping my daughter out at the back of the range today. I had chipped literally two 8-irons, then wanted her to take a break, so I said “watch this in case I duck hook it onto the practice green” (short game). I’m on the back of the range, hitting toward the mats that are 300 yards away. I hit it, a high seed, and… it hits by the mats (between two people, about six mats apart) and bounces into the parking lot. It’s a gravel parking lot, the ball didn’t go very far. But, ooooookay. So, that’s enough of that. My daughter was both in awe and frightened that I may have dented someone’s Honda. A student takes his Mevo out on the course to measure shots hit out there, and he said he measured my first tee shot a few days ago at 175 ball speed and 117.x (don’t remember the decimal value) clubhead speed. He bought a set of SuperSpeed sticks off eBay later that day. Wheeeeee.
    • I played as a 2 man in a pretty big local tournament that gets top flight guys. The course was set up long and tough, but weather was good. 1st day =X 2nd day =79 I hit the ball really well both days and would’ve shot in the 70s both days if I didn’t take an X on a hole. I didn’t know where to hit the tee shot, so my captain gave me a starting line hit the ball 15 yards right of the start line- quality drive, captain says that’s not bad, you can get home from there ball was lost on an overgrown hillside and the team was in good shape, so I sat in the cart instead of holding up play i had 50 yards of open fairway to the left thanks captain  Putting was bad but, even with a 5 putt (4 of them were within 3.5 feet and I tried on them all) - I scored pretty well and made a handful of birdies on a tough setup.
    • My biggest drop in handicap over two years was going from a 9.9 to a 3.9. How? I stayed out of the shit.... I called the zoo... I finally cured my hook (It came back again, then I was able to cure it again like literally today.)    @iacas will be the first one to tell you or you can tell for yourself, in My Swing Thread... my swing looks like an unfolding lawn chair. (I’ve taken literally four lessons in my 24 years playing golf). I can understand complex, like the number A# that Erik has on this site. I’m trying to learn to play golf with mostly a three-quarter swing. It is however a process. In the meantime, I aim away from the shit (darker zones), try to get on or around the green, and don’t do anything stupid when I do get out of position... basically “miss” straight... 
    • Yep. Jack was never so lucky to be gifted a major. Those club pros gave him their best every tournament in the early years! 
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