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Longest Iron in Bag... And More


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  1. 1. What irons (not companies) do you carry (not hybrid in your bag)

    • 1-iron
    • 2-iron
    • 3-iron
    • 4-iron
    • 5-iron
    • 6-iron
    • 7-iron
    • 8-iron
    • 9-iron
    • Pitching wedge

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I was just wondering, what we were all carrying as our longest iron and why? I'll start, right now its 4i, but I have both 4i and 4h in the bag, at least until I get my wedges (50°, 54°, and 58°) then it will be 5i...

What's in Shane's Bag?     

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I carry, as my longest iron, either a 4i or a 3i depending on how windy it is that day. On really windy days I swap out my 3-hybrid for a 3-iron simply because I find it easier to hit lower into the wind. My hybrid has a tendency of going way up into the air for me on windy days.

Prior to purchasing my current set of irons, which are s55's, the longest iron I would carry was a 5-iron because I found the Eye 2 long irons difficult to hit.

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5i, but if my ego allowed for it, I'd replace it with a hybrid. Iron play is not good enough right now to make it useful.

Dom's Sticks:

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Poll added.

3-iron for me. It's pretty forgiving and I hit it high enough. I did use a 20 degree hybrid for a couple years as a high launching "strong" 3-iron, right now I'm liking the versatility of the i 3-iron.

Mike McLoughlin

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I can't vote, I don't carry anything over a 7-iron. B-)


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"Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots but you have to play the ball where it lies."- Bobby Jones

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5 iron although I just picked up a used Titleist 915H 5 hybrid to try out. I can hit the 5 iron off the tee and from good lies, but any difficult lie makes it hard.


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Depends - I can swing a 5i decently and I bring it out in strong wind.

With little wind, I luv my hybrids for height and distance. I will use a 4, 5, 6 hybrid, or 4 and 6 hy.

Ping G400 Max 9/TPT Shaft, TEE EX10 Beta 4, 5 wd, PXG 22 HY, Mizuno JPX919F 5-GW, TItleist SM7 Raw 55-09, 59-11, Bettinardi BB39


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5i which I hit pretty well from the fairway. I carry a 3h and 4h which I find easier to get up in the air and the 4h is useful from the rough - choke up and hit down.

Yours in earnest, Jason.
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I hit a 4 iron, but it has 23 deg of loft

It just fits at the top end of my set. I have a 2 hybrid that's set at 17.5 degrees to fit between that and my 3-wood.

Matt Dougherty, P.E.
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Bag: :ping:

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I still have a 3-iron.

I hit it just fine, but most hybrids go too high and the 3I is useful occasionally.

That said, the only time I ever seem to use it is on par threes of a certain length, and even less often, when I have a decent lie and need to hit a low shot.

That said, I don't feel a major need to replace it because I don't need a club in that slot very often.

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Mine is a 6 iron.  When I bought my set (Adams Speedline) it came with a 5 hybrid.  I have added an Adams Idea Super S 19 degree 3 Hybrid as well.  It was on sale at hurricanegolf.com for $49.99.  Figured I couldn't go wrong at that price.

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I still carry my 3i.  I can launch it nice and high off the deck (peak avg is ~34yds) so I don't see any reason to take it out.  I also have a 2i driving iron but it's one of those Adams Proto's so I don't think that counts, I voted 3i.


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Poll added.

3-iron for me. It's pretty forgiving

Thanks Mike, just rub it in for us mere mortals ;-)

5i for me, a) its the lowest iron than came with my current set, and b) im still useless with that nevermind anything lower.

Russ, from "sunny" Yorkshire = :-( 

In the bag: Driver: Ping G5 , Woods:Dunlop NZ9, 4 Hybrid: Tayormade Burner, 4-SW: Hippo Beast Bi-Metal , Wedges: Wilson 1200, Putter: Cleveland Smartsquare Blade, Ball: AD333

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  • iacas changed the title to Longest Iron in Bag... And More

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