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2015 Golf Goals Official Recap Thread - How Did You Do?

Note: This thread is 1565 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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With the year coming to a close, it's time for our yearly self-assessment thread. Here's how this will work... 

Quote your post in the 2015 Goals thread , then write something below your quoted post to let us know how you did! Simple!

Also link to your "My Swing" thread if you have one, and post a recap of your goals there as well. 

Please do not reply to the posts of others people . This thread, like "What'd You Shoot Today," is not intended to be a discussion, but merely a list of people's goals and how they fared. If you want to quote and respond to someone, check for their My Swing thread.

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Here are my goals for 2015, My Goals!

On November 14, 2014 at 1:43:55 PM, saevel25 said:

Swing Goals

1) Get my Key #4, Diagonal Sweet Spot Path better. Continue working on getting the clubhead less inside the hands in the backswing. Want this to get the to the point were it is pretty automatic, and I might need to touch it up once in a while.

2) After getting number (1) down, work on my turn rates in the downswing. Get hips more open at impact, with good extension.

3) Get my short game percentage around 50% up and down rate. The technique is better, just need the reps from different type of lies.

4) Become a great putter from 5 feet and in. I was about 60% last year. I was about 50% from 10-15 feet, so I kinda equaled out a bit there. Still, need to be better on 5 feet and in. Continue working on lag putting as well.

Handicap Goals, currently at a 6.3, I want to be down to a 3 or less by the end of next golf season.

1) Kinda got it OK in the beginning of the year then the old tendencies fell off. Now back to working on that piece again. Still could nail it by the end of the year ;)

2) Did get this much better than before. Especially early on before my backswing regressed on me. The backswing is definitely the key to my swing right now. 

3) I didn't reach this goal. I am just inconsistent with my short game. Also, my inside 5 FT putting isn't really solid. I am happy that my technique is much better. I feel if I really dedicate a couple times a week I would get this. 

4) Goes with #3, didn't really become a great putter inside 5 FT. 

5) I didn't get my handicap goal. Though with all the crazy scoring I had, I did play well enough half the time to get my handicap down 1 stroke from last year. 

Looking forward to setting some new goals for next year. 

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In order:

1) play with more consistency - this means hitting better tee and iron shots. I'm working on this now at the range.

2) learn how to better manage the course - better ball striking is one thing. Making better decisions on the course is another. The combination of the two will lead to lower scores.

3) control my temper on the course after bad shots - all of us make bad shots. Let them go and move onto the next shot.

4) break 90

5) take 10 strokes off my handicap.

Well, I still suck, but what can I say? I'll play the injury card this year. Knee and shoulder injuries. I didn't play or practice that much.

1) My tee shots are better. I'm getting more distance and better accuracy with them. My iron shots still need work.

2) Course management has improved. I've relived the agony with Game Golf. Course management is fine when you're having a good round. You can play more conservatively and score better. But there are times like when you're in a tournament and that conservative shot isn't going to help you - you need to play aggressive and try that low high spin 5 iron out of the trees onto the green rather than the safe chip out onto the fairway. Or when you're having a bad round and why not challenge the hole? If you were shooting your personal best, hit the shot for the center of the green, but if you're shooting 7 over your HC why not go pin hunting? You might get lucky.

3) This has improved. A lot. I worked on this during the time I was playing nothing but practice rounds and getting back into why I play the game in the first place. Honestly I don't really care for competition. I play to get outside and enjoy the fresh air during the summer. I've learned not to listen to other people about "you can hit from there" on a water hazard - yeah, I know about the lie after my drop. I'll take S&D thank you.

4) I shot 89 once.

5) failed. I did take 4 strokes off.

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The only goal I set for myself was to just go out and enjoy playing and don't worry about the score. Some days I falter as I hate hitting bad shots, but for the most part I am enjoying my playing much better than last year. I hope to continue to progress until I am enjoying all the rounds I play next year. 

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2015 goals


1. Join Evolvr, Practice 5 days a week

2. Play 50 rounds


2015 aspirations


1. Get my handicap to 18

2. Become more consistent with my Driver

Success on all counts.  Slow progress is how I feel about the year.

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On 11/14/2014, 10:28:32, rkim291968 said:
  1. Current HI = 19.  2015 HI target = 16.   Keep total putts per round = 32-, GIRs = 4+, Driving average = 200+, number of OBs = 1-, number of pars = 5+ - Very close on all stats.  Best HI was 16.6.  All other stats were accomplished at least once in 2015.  I consider it a success.
  2. Win a club tournament. - Won club Ryder cup.  Will count it as Yes.
  3. Make a hole in one. - Nope
  4. Play Bandon Dunes. - Yes
  5. Get custom fit golf set. - Yes
  6. Don't kill myself when 1 - 5 ends in utter failure. - Yes


See above in bold.

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Posted 9 January · Report post

1. play 90 rounds


2. improve ball striking


Played 90 times


Ball striking did not improve as I had hoped. Scraped it around OK and shot more consistent scores, but I still struggle with overall ball striking consistency.

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On 11/14/2014, 6:21:59, Lihu said:

1) Getting key 2 with a full swing, sans injury.

2) Hope to get to 2 keys this year.

3) Start working on "ball striking".

4) Practice my short game 35% of the time I plan to practice.

5) Spend a lot more time actually playing golf.

1- no, but no injury either. Instead, I gained some swing speed.

2- no

3- kind of, I have only hit a handful of what I consider decent shots, but at least I have a goal to work towards.

4- not really, but my putting and chipping/pitching have improved a lot. Still a really long way to go.

5- yes, was playing 7 rounds a week at one point, but have backed off to 2 to 3 per week and practice every day.

It was a milestone year for me, and I feel like I am on the cusp of improvement. I feel like I am in a position to start learning some swing mechanics this up coming year.


These posts were addendum, but not that much different than the original goals anyway:

On 1/9/2015, 3:33:17, Lihu said:

Get past the first three chapters in LSW. I no longer have the haphazard wrist loading phenomenon, so it makes sense to plan my rounds at this point. Previously, I might have one week or month where I hit one distance and another would be yet another distance. At this point, it seems like I am swinging pretty much as fast as I can, and my wrists are loading the shafts as nearly the same way as I can every time.

Get both of the first two keys to an acceptable level, and start working on key 3 then work from item 3 and on.

My short game is pretty terrible at this point. I have no "feel" as to how far I need to hit. The pitches, bunker shots and putts are much smoother and easier, but I need to spend at least a month of playing to get a feel for their distances. I don't mishit any of the short game shots, but have no idea how much to put behind any shot.

Ball striking is my bane. I hit too thin at this point. I think I need to aim down into the ground more after the ball. I get no spin to speak of either, probably because I am sweeping the ball more than striking down.

I hope to be playing some decent golf before the end of the year.


On 3/12/2015, 10:45:49, Lihu said:

Get used to my new swing to be able to start working on my priorities again, get the club head behind my hands at A3. The only thing I am actively working on is the " slow and syrupy " back swing and the start of the downswing. This seems to help with the other items anyway, but this is the only " active " feeling.


On 6/16/2015, 2:22:00, Lihu said:

I don't really have a goal. Maybe get my average score lower by 2 strokes? That may be too hard? Enjoy playing more, but I've met that one. Improve my game some more?

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On 6/18/2015, 9:18:48, bm85 said:

1. Stop 3 putting.

2. Score more birdies.

3. Beat anyone and everyone I play with.

4. Not care too much if I don't do any of these things.

5. Stay healthy to enjoy this wonderful game.

1. Much better putter, though short game overall is embryonic. Only took me a couple weeks of practice to shave a lot of strokes on the green.
2. At the moment I get about 1 birdie a round. It's not great, but I have improved significantly on par %.
3. Only person I really cared about was my dad, and I have beaten him a few times now.
4. It was harder than I thought it would be to truly improve. Hard work pays off.
5. Feeling great. Had a period in a distance hunt where I was swinging with a lot of right arm force, and that pain put me down a few weeks. After creating more leverage in my swing, and employing the lower body effectively I can hit the ball further than I thought possible.

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On 12/24/2014, 6:26:40, RFKFREAK said:

1) Save enough money to get myself a set of new irons and an Edel putter.

Year's not over and I'm likely to at least get irons for Christmas

2) Get my HC down to 22.9.  For the courses that I play, that would mean I average a 95 which means shooting on average a 97 at the hardest course I play at and a 93 on average at the easiest course I play at.  I plan on doing this by becoming a better ball striker by doing more deliberate practice that my Evolvr instructor gives me.

This did not happen.  Lowest it got to was 25.2.  I didn't do as good as a job I would have liked with the deliberate practice.

3) Play 50 rounds.  I played fewer than 20 rounds this year because of work.  This year doesn't rate to be as busy for me so hoping to be able to play a lot more.

I played 18 rounds from April to June.  Then July 2nd happened and I hit a wall and started pull hooking things on the back 9 of the round I played that day.  I tried playing a few days later and it was still there.  I think had other commitments for the whole month of July and didn't practice and ended up only playing 2 rounds in July, including the aforementioned round of July 2nd.  Kind of got back on the horse in August playing 12 rounds, including 3 on my birthday.  I was still hooking the ball and then, in trying to fix it, developed a slice and golf became very unfun and I only played 4 rounds in September, 2 of which happened on the same day.  @colin007 dragged me out on last week and now I'm playing tomorrow so, I only have 37 rounds this year but likely would have made it had it not been for my schedule in July and my frustration leading the the layoff in of approximately two months. 

4) Become a better putter.  After back to back years of averaging 2.07 putts per hole, which, because my GIR is so low, it means that not only can my putting use improvement, but so can my chipping and pitching when I hit a nGIR.  My scrambling percentage was 5.77% so if I don't see that number increase, then my average putts per hole won't go down.  My goal was 1.75 last year.  I think a more realistic goal this year would be to get it to 1.9.  The best way I can do this is through putting into practice the short game principles in LSW.

2014 Putts per hole: 2.07

2015 Putts per hole: 2.00

So, I did see an improvement in putting but only a slight one.

Scrambling went from 5.77% to 7.50% so, that's a lot better. 

5) Lower the amount of triple bogey's or worse.  This year the average number of holes I did that in a full round was 5.22.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, though, as over my last 4 rounds of the year, that number was reduced to 4.4.  I would like to limit my triple bogeys or more to an average of 3.  This would be done by becoming a better ball striker and by using the same method as with #2.

So, this number went from 5.22 to 5.07.  Against, an improvement but only a minimal one.

6) This was a 2014 goal and it's a goal for 2015 - score in the 80's at least once.  89 or bust!

Didn't happen.  Closest I got was shooting a 93.

7) Become a better bunker player.  Have to learn how to consistently get it out of the bunker which I think means understanding the videos I've seen and just setting aside a couple of days and practicing it until I get it.

I feel a bit more confident, although, moreso because I've tried to adopt a more, "I'm going to get this ball out and deal with it if I blade it over the green," attitude.

Bring on 2015!!!!!

My answers in bold.

Overall, even though I feel as though I improved, the improvement wasn't as big as I would have liked.  There was a lot of room for improvement but a combination of not being as dedicated in my deliberate practice as I could have been and taking a break from golf when it got too frustrating was what I really think limited how much I could improve.   

And finally, My Swing Thread

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On March 11, 2015 at 6:57:39 AM, kpaulhus said:

My 2015 goals are:

FIR: 55%

GIR: 40%

Putts per hole: 1.6

20 rounds under 80

5 rounds under 75

Hopefully <5 Handicap . Currently I am an 8.1.

So here is where I am at...


FIR: 40.4%

GIR: 34.8%

Putts Per Hole: 1.8

Rounds under 80: 7

Rounds under 75:

Current handicap index: 7.3


Well, to summarize my year, I improved a little, but there is plenty of work to be done. I am now using evolvr and plan to hit all my goals in 2016. 

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Since I am new to TST I knew nothing of this thread. This was my first full season playing golf as I had started playing the previous June. Last year I lived in the 110-130 area. My goal for this year was to shoot one round of bogey golf which I accomplished the week after I made the goal. I then got a handicap which started as a 24 and ended at 12.7 with a best round of a 5 over 77. I have a huge goal for next year which may be unrealistic but hey, where would we be without lofty goals. I hope to be a 5 or better by next years end. 

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Cant bring the quote over here, but for the most part I accomplished most of my goals. 

Stayed healthy and managed to play well over 100 rounds. 

Made it to single digits for a few weeks which I attribute to playing the same 6600 yard course quite a few times. That and my own practice regimine. Once I started playing longer, longer, unknown courses, more often my hdcp went up. This was my important goal, since a few years earlier, I almost didn't make it out of the ER alive. 

Played in 3 charity tournaments. I think my goal was 6. The charities made out quite well. 

2016 goals are pretty much the same. 

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Hmmm, my goals for this season:


  1. Keep practicing smart and as often as possible.  All stupid monkey like too.
  2. Keep that handicap going down at any rate.  Let's be a little ambitious and say the goal is to get it below 4.


I'm not going to make any tournament goals this year because I'm not sure how many I'm going to able to play in, so this year might be mostly just a "rebuilding" year focused on practice and improvement.

My goals this year weren't very exciting.  I did, however, practice pretty well all year, and I made some strides in a lot of areas.  Most notable, the pitching has really tightened up to the point that a really poor flub shot is uncommon.  The other biggest improvement area was consistency of contact in my full swing.  A lot fewer mishits and more center face contact all the way through the long clubs.

And I succeeded in meeting the first part of the handicap goal, but not the ambitious second part.  I started the season around a 6 and my Dec. 1 cap is 4.8 (trending to 5.0 for 12/15.)

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Here were my 2015 goals:

  1. Get the index under 8.0 and stay at least below 9.0 for at least a couple of months.
  2. Shoot 10 rounds in the 70s
  3. Shoot a personal best (currently 77) on a par 70 or higher course, meaning 76 or better.
  4. Get the GIR to 45%
  5. Get the putts to 30 putts per round on average with less than 5.6% of 3-putt (i.e. less than one per 18 holes on average)
  6. Have a personal best putting round at 25 putts or less (probably scrambling quite a bit).

Here is how I did:

  1. The lowest the index got was 8.8 (one revision), but it stayed in the 9s most of the time since June, occasionally bouncing around 10.0 to 10.5.  Overall, this means about 1 point of index short of the goal, but since I started at 11.5 to 12.5, that's progress.
  2. I have 14 rounds in the 70s so far. Goal met.
  3. Shot a personal best round at 75 (twice) and got a couple of 76s as well.
  4. I averaged the year at around 25% and if anything, went backwards a bit. Took some lessons and the swing is quite different now and I expect this number to move in the right direction next year, but this year's improvements were in other areas mostly, i.e. chipping and putting.
  5. Almost there, with 31.2 putts per round and 5.7% of 3-putt on average for the year
  6. Met the goal of 25 putts (also had a couple of 26 putts round). Incidentally, this round had 0 GIR (and at 84 was not a particularly good round)!  GIR still rules.

So, other than the GIR goal, I came overall really close. The focus for 2016 is to get that GIR number up.

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A year ago, on 12/8/2014, I wrote:
My goal is to relax, have fun, golf more than I did this year,  and be able to post the same goals a year from now for 2016.

So far so good. Made it thru another year and  might even get another round this week. Probably golfed a little less, but still had a lot of fun, and think I enjoyed it more this year.

Also in much better condition and at lower weight than at the beginning of the season. 




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I had two goals for 2015.

1. Play around the green on pitches and chips has gotten very sloppy. I was make the hard shot's look easy and the easy shots look hard. I was letting too many great rounds become disappointing over easy greenside play.

Goal accomplished. Back to saving strokes on most days.

2. Better Drives. Although, I'm close to distances I feel I'm capable, I'm still struggling.
Will continue into 2016 with driver as my "Priority", hopefully get back to 240 - 250 yards on a constant basis.

A big part would be fitness, with getting older along with the occasional aches and soreness. Time for a daily routine of stretching and work on muscle toning, especially core area over the winter months.

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Goals not met, but some slight improvement in ballstriking stats. 


1)  I will play my 15th round on Sunday. 

2)  I played only two new courses.

3)  Handicap was briefly under 15, but is currently 15.5.

I am hitting slightly more fairways, but my misses are a lot better.  In last five rounds, averaged 6.8 fairways hit.

GIR average for last five rounds is 5.2, so slightly better.

Much fewer pull hooks off the tee so not nearly as anxious this year.

Unfortunately, putting has been horrible with an average of more than 36 putts per round with an average of four 3-putts a round.  I averaged just under 34 putts last year.   Only six of fourteen rounds under 90.  That would go to ten rounds in 80s if I averaged 34 putts.   


Posted 14 Nov 2014 · Report post


1)  Play at least 20 rounds.  Only 15 rounds, so far.

2)  Play new courses.  Played 4 new courses.

3)  Get HI to under 15.  It dropped from 17.3 to the current 15.6.

I realized HI might be an inadequate measurement given that I have rounds from last year still affecting my HI.

Perhaps goals related to ball striking improvement like Fairways Hit and Greens in Regulation (and perhaps a reduction in blow-up holes), would be better measures of progress for 2015.

1)  Increase Average Fairways hit to around 7 (50%).  (Last round I only hit 3 fairways;

most misses weren't close)

2)  Increase Average Greens in Regulation to around 6.  (Last round I only hit 2 GIRs)

3)  Reduce severity of my worse miss (a bad pull hook).  (This bad swing really messes with my head)

I would think improvement in these areas would get me to the low 80s.  I'm working on my golf swing (I just videotaped it for the first time).   I think I have a good idea of what happens, so we'll see if I can get the changes I'm working on to stick.


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Note: This thread is 1565 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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