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Happy Birthday Thread!

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10 hours ago, Club Rat said:

Thanks Erik, now that I can play the White Tees I hope to shoot my age soon... 😃
Speaking of which, how about an "Award" for those who accomplish that? 
Just another milestone reaching the 6th double number...

Happy Birthday!

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@DHak20 hasn't posted yet, but he's turning 41 today.

@chris3putt drops by from time to time, and is 51 today. Happy birthday.

One of a few resident Tiger grumps, @Gerald Ladig, is another day (and year) older today.

As is @CrazyHorsePete.

Happy birthday, y'all!

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On ‎7‎/‎26‎/‎2018 at 7:53 AM, iacas said:

@chris3putt drops by from time to time, and is 51 today. Happy birthday.

Yep, that's me. Thanks for the wishes!

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@Billsy, happy 50th!

@djfajt71 is just behind you celebrating his 47th, congrats! @Jaxhacker is further behind at 28.

@golden_boar shot 59, and @Timo GD turned the front nine in just 27.

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    • Obviously, the business of taking medical advice online to heart is dumb and I fear a trip to the doctor may well be necessary. But. ... I woke up Monday with a pain in my right bicep area. Basically it's ok unless I extend my arm laterally (kind of like you'd do in a back swing), then it hurts significantly.  Originally, my assumption was that I slept on it wrongly and it would go away in a day or so. It even seemed slightly better Tuesday morning, but no real progress since then. Can't think of anything specific that might have caused it. but golf is probably out for this weekend. Anyone have anything like that? Does that sound like some sort of repetitive motion problem?
    • I wouldn’t say there’s a significant forgiveness factor. The hollow backs apparently help with ball speed thus helping with distance while still allowing the club to perform as expected for its loft.  I can say you’d probably like the Ping i500 irons. I played them for awhile but ultimately preferred the softer feel the i200’s had. I currently play the Callaway Mavrik Pros which are my favorite of all time. 
    • Good points...and again...I can always count on you to get my obscure references. IMO Brooks wants to be interesting and have people fawn over him but all the while remain aloof. It’s orchestrated and not genuine. He’s a bore, doesn’t want to be but doesn’t have the personality to change it. So the media tries to engage and he goes back into his mysterious/aloof robot persona. 
    • Got back home just in time to see the Jake Muzzin incident last night in the Leafs-CBJ game. Looked like he was about to get up after colliding with Bjorkstrand, but the trainers told him to stay down and they strapped him up and carried him off. Hopefully, that was mostly an abundance of caution.  Having no fans in the building is strange enough. While everyone was waiting there was no sound whatsoever. The CBJ broadcast team didn't say anything at all for a long stretch. Made the proverbial minutes of silence we often have for various reasons seeming deafening. Certainly hope Muzzin is ok.
    • I have the same issue. You have a nice swing. I would look at doing Key 5 Clubface Control drills.There are a couple in this thread below. For me, my path is a bit inside out, so I play a push and align my feet left of target. If I align them at target, I hook or overdraw. In your down the line video, your feet at lined up on the tree above your head. You pull your drive and it starts left. If you are playing a fade, that’s fine. This drive looks like a low hook or pull fade.  
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