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Do You Normally Play 9 Holes, 18 or Both?


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How often do you play 9 holes?   

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  1. 1. How often do you play 9 holes?

    • Never - If I don't have time for the full 18 I'll either not play or just practice.
    • Once in a while - I prefer 18, but I'll do 9 here and there.
    • About half the time I play 9, about half the time I play 18.
    • I usually only play 9, it's rare that I have time for a full 18.
    • I only play 9 holes at a time. I almost never play a full 18.
    • My usual round is 18, but I also play a league which is only 9 holes.

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This year I haven't been able to get out and play 18 holes anywhere near as much as I'd like. 

I have found that I can sneak in 9 holes here and there, and that has done well to keep my golf itch scratched. 

I have played far more 9 hole rounds this year than I have 18. What do you normally get out and play 9 or 18? 

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I'll play 18 when I am not playing in league, but this time of year I play 9 holes in the evening more often than playing 18. 

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I picked the once in while choice. Maybe 20% (?) of my rounds are 9 hole, if that much. Never really thought about it.

Several times I will play 9 in the morning and a few hours later play the other 9 holes. Our course's green fees are set up like that. One fee for 9, or 18 for locals. 

Right now our local course only has 9 holes open due to over seeding. However, we just play it twice for 18.  Maybe switch tee boxes to change things up a little.

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9 feels wrong....just wrong.... it's not "never", but it's closer to never than to "once in a while"

Now I'm conflicted, because there is a very nice (I'm told) 9'er just a couple minutes from our house and we just got 5 free passes.........maybe I'll play it after 18 somewhere else and call my day a 27 hole round......

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Bill - 

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Looking at my GHIN account, 16 of my last 20 rounds have been combined rounds, so I would say I am safely in the "usually play 9" category. I've found it much easier to sneak in 9 holes around work and school than try to carve out enough time to play 18. I also prefer to walk, and the summer months can make walking 18 a bit more of a grind than I am looking for on a regular basis if you can't grab one of the first few tee times on the weekend.


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Almost always 18. I play fast, and if the course is wide open, this could be bumped to 36 quite easily if my first round is sub 150 minutes. I almost didnt play the other day because the club house guy wouldnt let me take a cart for 18 (it was 4;30 and sun was setting at 7:30 so carts had to be back by then). I was walking my bag back to the car when I realized he might let me off for 18 if i walked (i have my own pull cart) and this is what I did. I should have stopped back in the clubhouse when I got done at 6:30 to see the look on his face. Its pretty much 18 or bust for me, but if I have a spare hour and the course looks empty, I might walk 9 instead of a range day

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If I can’t play 18, I don’t play.  I haven’t played nine holes intentionally since I was 14 years old. The only time I end up with a nine hole score is if I got rained out midway through a round, or played another 9 following already having played 18...


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Usually 9 holes. I love to play 18 but often dont have enough spare time. 9 holes is good for helping the golf addiction cravings :-)

Russ, from "sunny" Yorkshire = :-( 

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I don't even prefer just 18, I almost always want to play more than 18 but rarely play with anyone who wants to go more than that. This year hasn't been a very golf filled year, but in the past I would take advantage of the "all you can golf after 1" deal that was $25 with a cart. I would regularly get at least 36 holes in if not more. 


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I almost always play 18, the exception is Tuesday Men's night at my club where we play just 9.  The other evenings I go to the club I just practice for a while.  And maybe I have a beer or two with buddies. :beer:


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I generally play 18, but when they aerate the course I can only play 9. In the summer we usually play 18 and sometimes when it is super hot and we are only on the 13 hole and have been out for close to four hours already. We just leave the course. Life is too short to waste time like that.  

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Last October I had a heart attack. This summer the heat is really bothering me. I walk 9 almost every morning, Monday-Friday. I play early, and get done before it gets too hot. If it ever gets cooler this fall, I'll probably start playing 18, but I'm kind of enjoying the amount of time it takes to play 9 vs. 18.

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This time of year, I can get 9 holes a couple times a week after work. I usually do it for the exercise ( I usually walk) as much as the actual trying to shoot a score. Sometimes I just go out and hit a couple balls and try different shots etc. I find my 9 hole rounds after work are very relaxing for me. 

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Note: This thread is 1053 days old. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it's still relevant. If not, please start a new topic. Thank you!

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