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2019 WNY PGA TOY (Teacher of the Year) - Erik J. Barzeski

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Congrat's Erik!  That's awesome news!

I'd say it's almost motivating enough for me to move back to Jamestown to have a great coach nearby, but since we both have been there, you know I would be lying a little.

Anyways, a great accomplishment!

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

Congratulations on the TOY award (some acronyms are more fun to play with than others).   That's a hallmark achievement along your career path, I am sure.  Way to go!  Guessing you may be floating a bit today.

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Awards, Achievements, and Accolades

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    • https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucejapsen/2021/06/11/ama-96-of-doctors-are-vaccinated-against-covid-19/?sh=1ed61ae0591c
    • Worst shot was my first tee shot at the qualifier for my club's 2016 match play.  I had won the 2015 match play, but that doesn't get me a seeding the next year.  It was a stroke play qualifier to seed the match play portion.  I topped my tee shot and it rolled out of bounds.  I missed qualifying by a single stroke. I had an amusingly bad shot a few years later.  I had hooked a shot into the trees and could not advance my ball.  My best play, I thought, was to chip 20 yards backwards (not even sideways) into the fairway.  I pushed my chip and it hit a tree and rebounded ... into the fairway, 30 yards closer to the green than I had started.  Just like I drew it up 🙂  Best shot?  IDK.  I've never holed out from further than 50 yards away, and even that was a lucky shot my first few months playing.  I haven't holed out from further than greenside in years.  My first time holing out from a bunker was for double bogey (back in 2008) and my only other time was more than ten years ago (note:  I have since taken a more active approach to avoid getting into bunkers, so I have fewer opportunities now).  I hit an 8-iron from the fairway a few months ago that finished on the lip of the cup for a tap-in birdie, I'll say that was my best shot in recent memory. I also hit a great 4W two rounds ago as my second shot on a par-5 that led to a 30 yard chip to 6', which I missed.  Those were good shots. 
    • Off topic - will repost elsewhere  
    • Four contenders: Saturday, #12 (I think a Raven in Phoenix, first time there).  In a big greenside bunker, far from the green, pin was deep on the green.  I was about 40 yards from the hole.  Decide to play it as if it was a pitch off hardpan, caught the ball first perfectly, hit it to about three feet, made the birdie putt. Sunday, #16 at San Ignacio in Green Valley.  Just short of the left greenside bunker in two (thanks to some help from the carpath on the drive).  Not in the bunker, but basically a hardpan lie with sand overspill on it.  About fifty yards back to the hole, hit the same kind of shot to about two feet.  Made the birdie putt. Sunday #18 at El Rio in Tucson.  two contenders on the same hole.  Drive was a pull hook, rolled and rolled on the hardpan, almost over to the 15th (for those who care) under a tree.  The path directly to the green was well blocked out, so I wanted to hit back into the fairway, but actually make some progress.  I needed par to shoot 89, so I was a bit motivated.  The easy play was straight out, but would have left me well over 200 yards out.  So, I wanted to go over some trees that were maybe 40 or 50 yards away, but on a path towards the 150 stake.  But, if I hit straight over them with any power I was going to go all the way to the other side of the fairway.  So I figured the shot was a seven iron with some draw, over the trees, to somewhere near 150.  I got set up, a little closed, a little strong grip, and started to swing, hit the limbs above me and somehow stopped.  OK, so I need to shorted the backswing, and just take what I get.  I did, and what I got was a perfect shot, over the trees, drawing right down the fairway, and rolling out to about (well, pretty much exactly) 136 to the flag.  It went 175 yards, way more than I hit a seven.  Hard fairway, and hook spin, and really good contact from the shorted backswing (a lesson that I took advantage of on the next shot).  So I take a nine iron, remember the feel of how I just hit the seven, stay perfectly in tempo, bounce in front of the green and roll up to about 10 inches. The shot to ten inches probably looked the best, but I figure there's a lot of luck in that.  The winner is the seven iron.  I am not a really good player, just got back under a 20 based on yesterday's rounds, so planning and executing a difficult shot as well as that is the clear winner! By the way, three rounds over the weekend, when it was over 110 degrees out, was a bit crazy!  
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